Commonwealth Games Netball Australia Diamonds v Jamaica live scores, start times, results

The Australian Diamonds will take on powerhouse Jamaica for gold at the Commonwealth Games in a big clash in Birmingham.

Australia know them, buoyed by England’s semi-final dissolution after their defeat on the Gold Coast four years ago. Their job will be cut short against a Jamaican team looking to shake the world netball pecking order.

No matter what happens, the Sunshine Girls are guaranteed to be the best Commonwealth Games ever.

They made a big statement earlier this week, defeating Australia 57-55 in what many described as “the biggest upset of the event”.

West Coast Fever superstar Janiere Fowler has been in incredible form this tournament, with a nearly 100% shooting record and a dangerous threat in every match for Jamaica .

On the other side of the court, Australia are looking to maintain their form as they focus on sensation Gretel Vueta’s shot.

The Firebirds star was Australia’s centerpiece to book a spot in the gold medal match.

Pressure on Maloney

The Diamond’s return to netball rests on the shoulders of a woman who seemed unlikely to join the team earlier this year.

Few would bet that Kate Moloney would lead Birmingham’s midcourt as a woman after she was left out of the Australian line-up for the Quad Series final in Birmingham. .

However, he won stiff competition from Giants player Price for the final midcourt spot on the Commonwealth Games team and was pushed into the starting role after Hadley aggravated a calf injury early in the tournament. I was.

Co-captain of the Melbourne Vixens, she has won a legion of fans for her inspirational speeches and pressure-resilience in Australia’s Super Netball League.

There are seven players on the court, but Moloney’s diamond status is built under the pressure of the final, where he controls the tempo of the match and plays a role in nourishing the Australian shooter, who is vital to the outcome of the match.

Hadley was one of the stars of Diamond’s quad series victory in January, but even though he was able to make a miraculous recovery after taking a full break from the semi-finals and pool match against the Sunshine Girls, Recovery is unlikely. Run the full game.

But Commonwealth Games gold medalist and former Vixens captain Bianca Chatfield is among those who support Moloney, saying her passion and hard work are very important to Diamond. .

“I know she’s going all out when it comes to clutch games and clutch finals, so I want her out on the court,” Chatfield said.

“I know it’s a sporting cliché. Sometimes that energy and effort goes against her, but in this scenario, I think it’s worked out very well for them. Liz. (Watson) being there will have a very calming effect on her.

“They know each other very well.”

The Watson-Moloney duo have led the Vixens to the Super Netball title and a minor premiership over the past three seasons. The two of them know each other’s game inside out after playing together for the last ten years.

Australia has great midcourt depth and while Diamond captain and world-best wing attacker Watson was an automatic choice, Price, Muddy Proud, Amy Permenter, Kim Lavaillion, With players like Kelsey Brown, finalizing her around was the most controversial call for selectors. Removed from the team.

But Chatfield was not surprised by Molony’s success under pressure in Birmingham and is pushing her to do the same in Monday’s final.

“Anyone who really knows Kate is really happy that she was given the opportunity to fight on the court[for her Diamond career].

“She lives for the pressure in this moment when everything is at stake. That’s when she comes to play every time.

“When I saw that[semi-final]win, I was so proud that she was able to stand up and make it… We have another final to show off what she’s got in the final. “

Chatfield, who was nominated for the Australia-Jamaica final in the pre-tournament, said he analyzed the mistake Diamond made against the Sunshine Girls in the round match and would have favored rebounding in the final.

“They know the mistakes they’ve made and that the game they have to play in the final to win the gold medal has to be nearly perfect to beat Jamaica with an incredible line of attack. I understand the defensive pressure they can turn over in addition to the ball,” she said.

“It’s nothing to scare the diamonds at all. They just know it’s in their hands to do and get the basics right. That’s what beats the Jamaicans.”

It will be a different type of game than the women-on-women slagfest that attracted thousands in the semi-final against England, with the Australian taking the risk against Jamaica. “

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Commonwealth Games Netball Australia Diamonds v Jamaica live scores, start times, results

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