Companies struggling with workplace compliance

Employment affiliate Employsure reports that its 24-hour Workplace Advice line received more than 321,000 advice requests from employers seeking help on a variety of issues in fiscal 2021-22.

In an Employsure summary, the company said the areas of greatest concern among employers seeking help were employee management (64,792), workplace qualifications (56,025), workplace documentation (53,328), and layoffs (33,167). ).

Employer notes that given these numbers, business owners are struggling with compliance issues. This is further complicated by the fact that Australia has one of the most complex workplace relations regulatory systems in the world.

In response, the Fair Work Ombudsman reported in its FY-20-21 annual report that it received more than 375,000 calls to its dedicated helpline.

“The types of calls our advisors support most frequently are inherently complex issues due to the human element,” said Stephen Roebuck, Operations Director at Employsure. “The law tells employers what their legal obligations are, but how to have difficult conversations with underperforming staff members or how to fire someone with compassion while following procedural fairness. is not disclosed to the employer.

fair work law is over 600 pages and written in legal language,” Roebuck added. “It is impossible for an individual business owner to know all the details. shows.”

Employsure also argued that the figures presented challenge recent media reports of a toxic endemic business culture that seeks to knowingly exploit and rip off workers.

“The 321,000 help requests from nearly 24,400 clients demonstrate a company culture where employees do their best to do the right thing,” said David Price, CEO of Employsure. “Violation of fair work law You may incur significant penalties. The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) reported in its annual report that 76 lawsuits had been filed resulting in court-ordered penalties worth $2.85 million. FWO also issued 19 enforceable businesses worth $81,731,999 in wages collected. ”

“Business owners go into business to follow their passion and vision. “We get here by delivering real value and helping small problems turn into big problems.”

Companies struggling with workplace compliance

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