Controversial Police Program Helps Reduce Crime: Report

“Both programs are associated with significant, powerful, practical and statistically significant reductions in crime,” the paper concludes, not primarily in prison incapacity. He said it was due to deterrence.


The study warned that STMP-II may be increasing discomfort for Aboriginal people who were detained for 91 to 180 days during the follow-up period. This is believed to be due to an increase in intrusions and intrusion crimes.

“This suggests that Aboriginal people may need to modify their programs to reduce the risk of adverse consequences. Consulting with Aboriginal elders in both program selection and application , May be one possible area for improvement. “

BOCSAR Secretary-General Jackie Fitzgerald said the findings focus on the effectiveness of previously poorly analyzed programs.

“STMP has been criticized for targeting vulnerable groups such as boys and Aboriginal people,” she said.

“Our assessment confirms that these groups are overrated among STMP participants, but we consider this in light of the significant reduction in crime associated with participation in the program. need to do it.”

This study compared the violation rates of 10,103 people on the STMP-II list and 1028 people on the DV-STMP list 12 months before and after the list.

STMP has somehow existed since 2002 and is the state’s largest initiative for individuals with deterrence tactics. Under STMP, police regularly visit target homes, stop them on the streets, and conduct searches.

Earlier this year, the Law Enforcement Action Committee discovered that the plan “showed a pattern of targeting that appeared to have resulted in unreasonable, unjust and oppressive interactions with young STMP targets.”

Police guard dogs discovered that the tactics used against the boy could be “obvious and intrusive,” and said no analysis had been conducted at that time on the effectiveness of the program to reduce recidivism.

Despite concerns about targeting vulnerable people, police like STMP as an efficient way to use resources to focus on those who explain an imbalanced amount of crime. I am attracted to active initiatives.

Following criticism from the LECC, NSW police have made changes to STMP, including improved engagement with the Aboriginal community and youth liaison officers and revised methods for assessing people’s unpleasant risks.

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Fergus Hunter is a Fairfax Media reporter at the Federal Press Gallery in the Capitol.He tweets @fergushunter

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