Coronavirus: 1 million new cases recorded in 3 days

The pandemic is not over yet, with as many as one million cases recorded in just three days.

France, Russia, Nepal, and some states in the United States are behind a massive surge in incidents.

The United States remains the worst victim of coronavirus infection, with more than 7.7 million cases confirmed so far, and India appears to be on track to overtake them.

India, the second most populous country in the world, recorded 74,383 new cases, bringing the total number of cases confirmed on Sunday to over 7 million.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the United States has recorded more than 7.7 million cases and has been tracking the number of coronaviruses since the outbreak of the pandemic in December.

At least 37,297,350 cases of coronavirus are officially registered worldwide. Of these, about 25,763,900 are now considered to have recovered.

With 1,074,732 deaths, the United States was once again the most devastating in the world.

The United States lost nearly 215,000 from coronavirus, Brazil lost 5,082,637 to 150,198, India lost 7,053,806 to 108,334, and Mexico lost 814,328 to 83,642.

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media_cameraA newly built hospital in Mumbai, India, to handle the influx of coronavirus patients. Photo: Punit Patak / AFP

The UK and Italy, the European countries most affected by the pandemic, lost 42,915 and 36,166, respectively.

The surge in incidents around the world has triggered a second wave of blockades.

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson today presents new restrictions to Parliament. This is expected to become a new three-layer blockade system, especially as virus infections surge in the north of the United Kingdom.

Johnson’s chief strategic adviser, Edward Lister, told lawmakers representing the seats in northern England that the region is likely to have to comply with stricter rules after meeting with regional leaders. I warned.

UK Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Vantam told reporters that the country is at a “turning point.”

“This time it’s not … Now we’re in a colder, darker winter moon,” he said.

In France, six cities, including Paris, were on the highest alert and were blocked after a surge in incidents.

Central European countries experienced 26,896 new infections on Saturday. This is the best record every day for France.

by New York Times, In France, the average daily number of cases has increased by 32% in the last two weeks.

In the week before breaking the daily case record, France recorded 16,000 new cases per day.

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Cumulative cases of coronavirus worldwide.Photo: Johns Hopkins
media_cameraCumulative cases of coronavirus worldwide.Photo: Johns Hopkins

The country’s front-line healthcare professionals are on the verge of burning out after suffering a pandemic for more than eight months.

According to a survey by the French National Nursing Union, 57% of national nurses say they are in “professional malaise”, from 33% before the global COVID-19 pandemic hit France in early 2020. Has increased.

More than one-third of nurses said the department was understaffed compared to normal, and two-thirds said working conditions had deteriorated since the start of the pandemic.

One in five nurses said they hadn’t been on vacation since March.

“As of 2020, there are 34,000 vacant nurses, but with worse working conditions, more nurses are at risk of throwing towels,” the union said in a statement. ..

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A waiter in service at the Chartier Bouillon restaurant in Paris.Photo: Kiran Ridley / Getty Images
media_cameraA waiter in service at the Chartier Bouillon restaurant in Paris.Photo: Kiran Ridley / Getty Images

Nepal has also reported a surge in cases of coronavirus.

With a population of 30 million, a record 5008 cases were reported on Saturday, albeit slightly compared to neighboring countries such as China and India.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country has recorded more than 100,000 cases, more than one-third of which are still active.

Caselord has already crippled Nepal’s health care system, encouraging coronavirus patients to stay isolated at home and not go to the hospital.

There are about 400 patients receiving intensive care in hospitals that have already reached capacity.

Russia also broke the coronavirus record over the weekend, reporting an increase of 13,634 cases and 149 deaths on Sunday.

In Russia, 12,864 virus tests were positive.

Records of daily coronavirus cases in Russia were previously broken on October 9, when 12,126 people were positive.

From Monday to at least October 28th in workplaces throughout Moscow, 30% of employees will need to be transferred to work from home.

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Coronavirus cases continue to grow exponentially around the world. Photo: Ye Aung Thu / AFP
media_cameraCoronavirus cases continue to grow exponentially around the world. Photo: Ye Aung Thu / AFP

Initially published as a “turning point”: virus cases surge

Coronavirus: 1 million new cases recorded in 3 days

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