Coronavirus: Kim Jong Un suffered ‘fever’ but North Korea eradicated COVID: Sister Kim Yo Jong

Still, as the country closed its borders and further restricted population movement during the COVID response, it’s entirely possible that the peak of fever cases has passed, said Shin Young-jeon, a professor of preventive medicine at Seoul’s Hanyang University. said Mr.

However, “North Korea’s coronavirus death toll of 74 is absurdly low,” he said, adding that given North Korea’s lack of diagnostic capabilities, the death toll may be underestimated in official figures. He added that it was highly

Declaring victory over COVID is a big step for a regime struggling with an intensifying economic crisis as it voluntarily restricts the movement of goods and people across its border with China, North Korea’s largest trading partner. It’s a useful propaganda tool. Claiming that Kim Jong-un had similar symptoms could be a way of conveying solidarity with his people, some experts say.

After the virus hit Pyongyang, home to the country’s elite, North Korea needs to show its edge against COVID, experts say. The announcement of victory may also pave the way for further missile tests after telling elites that Kim Jong-un has successfully handled the domestic crisis.

“The viral outbreak that has emerged on top of the ongoing economic crisis poses a grave challenge to the Kim Jong-un regime and has forced Kim Jong-un himself to take action,” said Park Won-gon, professor of North Korea studies. Ewha Womans University in Seoul.

Park said the administration “does everything it can” to curb the virus, which appears to have worked, but the “zero case” claim is still hard to believe. He said it could soon resume military provocations that it had been holding back while dealing with the outbreak.


North Korea has also used the virus to attack South Korea, blaming it for the health crisis. Last month, state media accused “foreigners” from the south of bringing the virus across the border and warned against items such as balloons carrying propaganda leaflets released by anti-Pyongyang activists. Experts have questioned this claim, suggesting that the virus may have entered North Korea through trade activity along its border with China when restrictions were temporarily eased in the first quarter of 2022. I think it is expensive.

At Wednesday’s virus conference, Kim Yo-jong threatened retaliation against South Koreans who spread the virus to North Korea.

“If the enemy persists in dangerous actions that facilitate the entry of the virus into our republic, we will respond not only by eradicating the virus, but by wiping out the South Korean authorities,” she said. Central news agency.

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Coronavirus: Kim Jong Un suffered ‘fever’ but North Korea eradicated COVID: Sister Kim Yo Jong

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