Coronavirus Victoria: “Mathematically Impossible” Reaching Goal by Next Sunday

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said it is now “mathematically impossible” for Melbourne to reach its goal of relaxing previously expected limits by next Sunday.

“I tried to make it as clear as possible that I and no one on the team could be under the age of five by next Sunday,” he told reporters.

Victoria today recorded 12 new cases of coronavirus and 1 death associated with elderly care. This is the first death in 3 days.

Melbourne’s 14-day moving average dropped slightly from 9.5 to 9.3, but the number of unexplained cases remains 10.

Andrews said there were still “significant changes” to be announced next Sunday, but he said he was “not in a position to elaborate on what they would be.”

media_cameraThe state of emergency in Victoria has expanded again.Photo: Darian Trainer / Getty Images

Andrews announced that he has signed an order to extend Victoria’s state of emergency and disaster for another four weeks until 11:59 pm on November 8.

Andrews said this was down from “sufficient attention.”

New rules will come into force in Victoria from midnight tonight, with close contact with coronavirus cases ordered to complete 14 days of quarantine, with COVID-19 testing on day 11 or another 10 days of quarantine. Must be completed.

Victorian companies had to take “all reasonable steps” to see if their customers were from Victoria and did not follow this rule, which is now part of the COVID Safe Plan. If you do, you will be fined $ 10,000.

Workers who are allowed to enter Victoria for employment also face $ 5,000 if they do not “act properly.”

There were five new cases of coronavirus diagnosed in New South Wales by 8 pm on Saturday.

Two of them were travelers returning to the hotel quarantine, and three were acquired locally. The source of one is unknown.

Originally published as a virus target in Victoria, it is now “impossible”.

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