Coroner mentions unresolved murder that Mark Russell stabbed the murder

Triple Zero was summoned at 11:10 am, confirming that the first ambulance crew arrived eight minutes later and Russell had died. The police were called.

On Thursday, an inquest at the Coroners Court in New South Wales was told that Mr. Russell had been stabbed seven times in the neck and five times in the chest. He also had 12 defensive wounds on his hands and superficial stings on his back.

Mark Russell’s sister Julie Anstewart is looking at his picture outside the Coroner’s Court in New South Mitchell

Police have been unable to identify who performed the fatal sting, despite more than two years of investigation. A $ 1 million reward was announced this week to encourage anyone with information about Russell’s death to come forward.

Sergeant Timothy O’Donnell, an advocate of supporting coroners, said a neighbor reported hearing Mr. Russell yell “f — off” at midnight. Another neighbor heard a few people drinking in Mr. Russell’s apartment around 10 pm on February 24th.

A third neighbor, who heard a sound from Mr. Russell’s apartment around 3 am on February 25, knocked on the door and complained at around 6:30 am. Looking through the window, he saw someone in the lounge explaining that he looked “unpleasant.”


Detective Peter Smith, who was responsible for the case, said he was killed between 7 pm on February 24 and 6:30 am the next day when Russell was seen drinking wine in the lounge. He said he believed.

Sergeant Smith said the investigation faced challenges, including forensic difficulties due to Russell’s apartment being “constantly used by many” and apparently uncleaned.

Another problem is that the fingerprints and DNA in the field match Russell’s colleagues. Russell had a good reason for everyone to be there.

Sergeant Smith said that one of the most frustrating aspects of the investigation is that many witnesses are alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless people without mobile phones or jobs, and it is difficult to set a time frame. Said that. Movement.

Vice-state coroner Derrek Lee died on Thursday when Russell suffered multiple neck and chest stabs in Sally Hills on February 24 or 25, injuring one or more unknowns. I issued a formal survey result that I did.

He expressed his condolences to Russell’s sister Julie Ann Stewart and son Shane Dodds when he introduced the case to an unsolved murder unit.

Ms. Stewart sat next to a framed photo of her brother when he told the Inquest that he was “a very beloved son, brother, and father.”

“Never give up finding out who did this and who exposed us to all this trauma,” she said.

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Georgina Mitchell is a court reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Coroner mentions unresolved murder that Mark Russell stabbed the murder

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