Couple hit back at trolls over 42+ year age gap

They say love is ageless. One of the couples who preach this motto is Dave and Jackie, the US-based duo with his 42-year age gap.

Jackie, 27, from the Philippines, has been married to Dave, who is 42 years her senior, for several years, and regularly joins TikTok to share snaps and videos of the two of them. Sun report.

However, although they claim to be in love, not everyone believes Jackie has pure intentions.

The average age difference for heterosexual couples is 2.3 years, with the male usually older.

Beneath nearly every clip posted by Jackie and her 69-year-old husband are hundreds of comments by trolls who believe young women are marrying simply for money and visas.

But despite the criticism and negative remarks, the couple, who have more than 32,000 fans on their journey, continue to share short clips of their romantic stories.

There are tons of sunny hikes, lots of food, and countless videos of them dancing together.

Followers and other social media users will know that Jackie and Dave aren’t afraid to make fun of their age gap, even visiting the store to pile up “diapers for grandpa.”

Responding to the age gap trolls being too big, Dave said: And for us, it makes no difference. ”

This article originally appeared on Sun Reproduced with permission.

Couple hit back at trolls over 42+ year age gap

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