Crew fighting wildfire in Royal National Park at Waterfall

Greg Alan, a spokesman for the local fire department, said there was no threat to the property at any stage, but there was a lot of smoke in the areas that affected visibility.

According to Alan, the ground crew was assisted by four hydrogen bomb helicopters and a 737 aerial firefighter named Marie Basil. Marie Basir dropped two rows of flame retardants to stop the truck’s flames.

According to the Transport Administration Center, the fire was near the railroad tracks, causing a “dangerous condition”, so the bus took the train between Sutherland and Waterfall on the T4 Eastern Suburbs line and the Illawarra and South Coast lines. It has been replaced.

“It is recommended that passengers have sufficient travel time, listen to announcements and check the information display,” a spokeswoman said.

Place of originCrew fighting wildfire in Royal National Park at Waterfall

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