Currently the fastest NBN plan in Australia

Not all internet providers are the same. Especially for NBN. Purchasing a high-speed NBN plan should be easy, but there are many factors that affect the speed of your connection.

How NBN speeds vary from provider to provider

All ISPs resell access to the same core network, but the way companies like Telstra and Optus buy capacity from NBN Co means that download speeds vary from carrier to carrier. This is especially true during busy times, such as after work where the entire neighborhood is trying to binge-watch Netflix.

If too many people in your area want to review community At the same time, if your provider does not have enough capacity, digital traffic congestion can occur. This is true whether you are enrolled in the high-end NBN 100 plan or the basic NBN 12 plan.

The telco will try to let you know how fast the NBN plan is by reporting typical evening speeds. That is, the speed you can expect during the busiest hours of the day (7 pm to 11 pm). The faster your provider’s evening speed, the more reliable your connection will be during your most used hours. Not surprisingly, some people do a better job than others.

However, evening speeds can change, and many carriers have recently released new data on planned speeds. In most cases, these are positive changes. Therefore, the ranking was modified. For example, for the NBN 100 plan, Optus rarely registered in terms of speed, but is now the second equal.

We’ve put together some of the fastest plans based on the latest evening speed data released by major ISPs so you can choose a provider that consistently offers the speed you want.

Fastest NBN250 plan

If you really want to work hard, we recommend that you consider the NBN250 plan. Australian Broadband It currently reports the fastest speed of the NBN 250, measured at 222 Mbps during peak hours. Australia’s NBN250 plan will return you to $ 129 per month.

Optus, Telstra, and Superloop All report typical evening speeds of 215Mbps, priced at around $ 130 per month. However, Telstra only pays $ 130 for the first 12 months and then $ 140 per month.

You can only sign up for the NBN250 plan if you have an FTTP or HFCNBN connection. Currently, only 70% of HFC customers can get HBN 250 speeds, but NBN Co plans to upgrade its network to make it available to all HFC customers by June 2021.

It is important to note that the typical evening velocities disclosed by NBN providers only indicate reasonably expected velocities during peak hours. Other factors can still affect the speed at which you get home. These may include the technology used to connect to the NBN, home hardware, and unusually high utilization in the area.

Fastest NBN100 plan

Telstra It is the top of the NBN 100 typical evening speed chart and offers plans with reported typical evening speeds of 100Mbps. This means that it will not slow down regardless of when you are using the connection. Bold promise.

However, you are responsible for the cost. Telstra is, of course, the most expensive major NBN provider. With the Telstra NBN 100 plan, you will be refunded $ 100 per month for the first year and then $ 110 per month. The Telstra NBN plan also includes a 4G backup and a 3-month free subscription to Binge. You can extend this for another three months by signing up for Telstra Plus.

The Telstra NBN plan is unsubscribed, but if you depart within the first 24 months, you will have to pay for your modem. This is $ 9 multiplied by the number of months remaining in the two years. For example, if you leave after the discount expires, you will pay a $ 108 modem fee when you terminate your contract. It’s only $ 12 cheaper than sticking out for two years.

Optus and Superloop are currently in second place at a typical evening speed of 90Mbps, but Superloop is easily cheaper in the pair.

Super loop Currently, if you use the promotion code Whistleout10FOR6, you are using the NBN100 plan for the first 6 months for $ 79.95 per month. After that, you’ll pay $ 89.95 a month, and the plan is completely contract-free, so you can leave at any time without a catch.

on the other hand, Optus Charges $ 89 per month for the first year and then $ 99 per month. You will also be charged a $ 99 setup fee and a modem fee if you move out within the first three years. That’s $ 7 a month for the rest of the 36-month period.

This Optus NBN plan also includes a Fetch Mini set-top box that allows you to pause and rewind your live TV, and an Optus Sport subscription.

Australian Broadband Is back hair at a typical evening speed of 89Mbps. The unlimited Australian NBN100 plan returns you to $ 99 per month, but you can drop down to a 500 GB allowance to reduce your bill to $ 95 per month.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, it’s worth considering tangerine.. Juicy providers report typical evening speeds of 83Mbps, paying only $ 74.90 per month for the first six months. Then this will rise to $ 89.90 per month.

It’s worth remembering that the full amount of tangerine is basically the same as the amount you pay for the Superloop NBN100 plan, which reports fast evening speeds. All Tangerine plans do not require a contract, so you can start anytime after the discount expires. Hell, you can even be one of those bargain hunters who change their NBN plans every six months.

mate When it comes to plans without discounts, it’s a solid choice. You’ll pay $ 79 a month for an unlimited NBN100 plan with a typical evening speed of 83Mbps reported.

Fastest NBN50 plan

Telstra For the NBN 50 plan, this is also the fastest option, with normal evening speeds reported as 50Mbps. Of course, Telstra is more expensive than its competitors and charges $ 80 per month for the first year and $ 90 per month thereafter.

As with the NBN 100 plan, you get a 4G backup and a 3-month free subscription to Binge. This can be extended for another 3 months by signing up for Telstra Plus. You will also have to pay for your modem if you move out within the first 24 months. That’s $ 9 multiplied by the number of months remaining in the two years.

iiNet For the NBN 50 plan, the next up is reporting a typical evening speed of 46.7 Mbps. You pay $ 74.99 per month for the unlimited NBN50 plan with iiNet. This plan is free of contract and setup fees.

TPG At a speed of 46Mbps, it’s not too late. The difference between pairs is negligible, but choosing TPG can save you $ 5 a month. Please note that if you want to use TPG, you will have to pay $ 129.95 in advance or sign an 18 month contract.

If you don’t want to sell your soul for 18 months, the iiNet plan is a better choice. You must spend 26 months on iiNet before your monthly bill will be higher than your TPG prepaid fee.

Between nodes Is currently offering a promotion for the NBN 50 plan, reducing unlimited data plans to $ 59.99 per month for the first 6 months. After that, you will pay $ 79.99 per month. This plan is sold with a 6-month contract, but will bounce as soon as the discount runs out.

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Currently the fastest NBN plan in Australia

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