Dad invented flamethrower for kids to play at home: ‘Best toy ever’

It brings new meaning to the phrase “burn, baby, burn”.

Fun-loving Canadian dad Daniel Hashimoto has successfully converted a domestic leaf blower into a flamethrower. new york post report.

James, 11, and Sophia, 7, declared it “the best toy ever” in a disarming video that is currently burning the Internet.

“For the kids, it was less of a lethal weapon and more of a more dynamic and laughable obstacle,” the father, Hashimoto, 39, an animation worker from Prince Edward Island, told the South West News Service. told to

“They had friends hanging out on the patio, so we decided to let them play supervised with this electric leaf blower.”

Relax now. The DIY device may look like a demon, but the flame burst is actually a very harmless flame-colored silk fabric flame.

What is Hashimoto’s rationale? He and his wife Mandy Richardville, 41, “hope to inspire creativity in their children.”

“So far, it’s paid off!” he said.

The only reason Hashimoto isn’t enthused about endangering two young children is that his flamethrower only ejects strips of silk colored to look like real fire.

“We decided to see how the lightweight fabric would work with the blower, so Sofia grabbed a large rubber band and some tape and stuck it to the nozzle,” Hashimoto said.

“The result was even more spectacular than we could have imagined. The device was soon dubbed a ‘flamethrower’ because the large undulating waves looked like flames.”

Children are now playing games such as ‘flame tags’ and jumping rope over embers. It even recreates scenes similar to Nickelodeon shows. Avatar: The Last Airbender.

“The children took turns chasing each other and played a game of ‘flame tag.’ We also played a game of jumping rope, and the children played ‘fire bending,'” Hashimoto said.

Even before there were artificial torches for landscaping, Hashimoto was utilizing leaf blowers for his children, adds the joking Pyro patriarch.

“Lefting ping-pong balls, capturing slow motion hair blowing in the wind, puffing up sheets like giant marshmallows, and finally building a flamethrower… childhood playtime is the best! I can imagine a bigger scenario than

Besides hosting the best playdates in the neighborhood and being the shoo-in for Dad of the Year, Hashimoto said this kind of creativity is great for children’s development.

“I believe most children can turn this kind of imagination into improvisation and adeptness at coping with challenges,” he said. We want to encourage play, creative problem-solving, and inventing fun new games out of what’s around us.”

This article was originally published by new york post Reprinted with permission

Dad invented flamethrower for kids to play at home: ‘Best toy ever’

Source link Dad invented flamethrower for kids to play at home: ‘Best toy ever’

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