Dan Andrews excludes relaxing all planned restrictions

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has ruled out taking all the steps planned for the second phase of Melbourne’s reopening.

The Prime Minister on Tuesday confirmed that not all planned deregulations would be fully underway and said they were “unsafe or unfair.”

Andrews said the number of cases of coronavirus was too high to open now.

“That’s a fact,” he said.

“It’s based on the best public health advice. And if people find it wrong, well, that’s fine.

“But the public health advice I get from a team of expert learners is that it’s too expensive at the moment to open.”

Andrews said that if Melbourne were to open now, the city would only be open for a short period of time before it was closed again with more incidents.

“It’s not a strategy. It’s not what people want. It’s not something I’m ready to solve,” Andrews said.

“Everything people give you has to consider something, and if you look at this for a few more weeks and then follow safe steps that can be done safely and aren’t done now More is important, because we all improve our frustration. “

Victoria recorded 12 new virus cases on Tuesday, and Melbourne’s most important 14-day average continued to grow to 10.

Health officials said the 14-day average would have to be about five days for the government to consider deregulation on October 19.

“The safe ones will continue,” Andrews said.

“There may be others we believe to be safe, which was not always foreseen at the time.

“This is changing. It’s frustrating that we can’t answer all the questions and provide all the certainty, but in the end, we can go as fast as we think. I can’t, but there are some things I can do safely. “

Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer, said the remaining transmission routes in Victoria are some of the most tricky in the world.

Professor Sutton said New South Wales recorded more cases of the virus than Victoria on Tuesday, but the situation was very different.

“If we started with a few days of cases that weren’t really a complex household and weren’t too difficult, we could have taken a very different approach to this,” he said.

“We had 20,000 cases in a few weeks, down to a low level.”

Professor Sutton assured Victorians that the roadmap to reopening was the light at the end of the tunnel and that health authorities were reviewing the number of cases daily.

Dan Andrews excludes relaxing all planned restrictions

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