Dangerous Topic: Richard Fiddler

Each week, Benjamin Law asks celebrities to roll the dice and discuss a topic they’ve been told to keep private. This week he speaks with Richard Fiddler. The 58-year-old broadcaster is a popular podcast presenter. conversation ABC Radio, author of best-selling history books ghost empire When golden mazeHis latest book is Book of Roads and Kingdoms.

“People are no different than they were 1,000 years ago. They are trying to make sense of a chaotic world with limited information.”credit:Louis Davis


What did your parents do for money? My mother was a nurse and had extensive medical knowledge. With such intelligence, I once said to her, you would have been great ’ She did not accept the premise of my comment. She was raised as the spouse of a respectable man. So when she met an impressive man, my father who was a businessman, she got married.

Growing up, what did you want to do to make a living? I had no idea. As a child, I lived in fear of the future. Economic instability was also a factor. My father grew up in extreme poverty amidst terrible atrocities. He had a successful business career for a while, but then it went very badly. So for several years he was unemployed and lived off the income his mother earned as a geriatric nurse. It was terrible at the time, and I was worried about the future.

then you became famous Doug Anthony All StarsDid it make you rich? It gave us the opportunity to travel. The first thing I did after leaving Australia was to go to London and go straight to Covent Garden and start busking. We earned £130. Then we went to Edinburgh and soon things started to take off.


did you always want to do it? No. I remember the first manager telling us at the time: You should do it until you can’t stand it anymore. ’ So I did that for 10 years until I couldn’t take it anymore.

you are now the host of conversation; you are also a writer. What does a working pie chart look like? i am working conversation 4 days a week.three [of my] Episodes air weekly. Sarah Kanowski does her two jobs over the weekend. Then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I work on my book. It’s a completely different activity and a completely different kind of fun. One is the balance of the other.


Dangerous Topic: Richard Fiddler

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