Daniel Andrews burned in hotel quarantine during the time of intense questions

Victoria’s opposition leader Mike O’Brien has introduced a motion of no confidence against Daniel Andrews in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic because of the government’s “failure, concealment, and lies.”

In a lengthy speech, O’Brien said that moving the movement was “no joy” when detailing the timeline of events from the start of the pandemic.

The premiere was absent from parliament during the attack, and O’Brien cited the failure of the hotel’s quarantine program, a neglected offer of Australian Defense Force support, and Melbourne’s strict blockade rules as evidence of Andrews’ incompetence.

He said coronavirus restrictions, such as a 5km radius and a curfew, were “beyond advice” and that Victorians “need to regain their lives and jobs.” He also claimed that the state was “hostaged” by the prime minister.

The motion of no confidence is arguably rejected because the Labor Party has a majority of 11 seats.

But Mr O’Brien demanded that Labor lawmakers “find their voices.”

“Find your conscience, find your heart for Victoria … Don’t keep Dan’s job, do the right thing,” he told Congress.

Deputy Prime Minister James Merlino opposed the move and attacked it as “very political and very ironic.”

He defended the Andrews government’s response to COVID-19 and accused O’Brien’s motion of no confidence as “abusing the tragedy of sad families and communities.”

“It’s a complete disaster for the government to take control and not destroy the virus,” Merlino told Congress Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s not about the popular ones, it’s about the right ones.

“Only by restricting movement could we prevent the spread of the virus. This means that the virus is very contagious and absolutely ruthless. Even now, to people infected with the virus. I don’t understand the long-term effects of the virus. “

Early on Tuesday, Andrews was grilled about a hotel quarantine failure during a fierce questioning time.

O’Brien specifically mentioned the Prime Minister’s Office and Chief Cabinet Secretary Chris Eccles, who resigned from the program on Monday.

“Premier stated that Mr. Eccles was not involved in the decision to hire private security guards for quarantine, so Premier can categorically rule out that he or a member of his private office was involved in that decision. “Are you?” O’Brien asked.

The prime minister couldn’t even finish his first sentence by answering questions before the opposition politicians began shouting their disagreements.

“Because I submitted evidence for that very purpose under that vow … Actually seeing the question asked and the answer given is suitable for the opposite intervention, even though there is little homework. If there’s nothing to add to the answer, “Andrews said.

O’Brien goes on to say: “In yesterday’s resignation statement, Chris Eccles said:” My evidence is that both myself and the Digital Cinema Package (DCP) have decided to use private security as part of the hotel quarantine program. However, at 1:22 pm on March 27, Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton had just spoken to Chris Eccles, a counterpart of the Australian Federal Police, to “Private.” I think security will be used. This is the transaction set up by the DPC. “

“Isn’t it true that your private office is the only office that has the authority to notify DPC’s private security on behalf of Premier, the police?”

The prime minister’s “no” candid response exploded the room with laughter, causing a harsh reaction from Mr Andrews.

“Please reflect in the record that this is clearly a laugh,” he told the Chamber of Commerce.

“These are laughter. The sacrifices made by public security and Victorians are a matter of arrogance and a matter of humor … Opponents should reflect their laughter.”

After many orders, the Prime Minister was instructed to provide a statement of the Minister.

“I am very grateful for this call and have been able to inform the Victorian people that there are only 12 new incidents in Victoria since the update was provided yesterday,” he said. ..

The prime minister further said his government’s response to reducing infections from the height of the second wave would help ease restrictions on Sunday.

“Screams don’t work. No impact. Cheap politics isn’t. It’s a tough job for Victorians … that’s why we adjusted the settings this Sunday to connect with the loved ones they missed the most. We can give people freedom that they couldn’t enjoy, “said Andrews.

O’Brien asked if he admits that the Prime Minister’s concentration of power around him caused mistakes that led to a second wave of state COVID-19 infections.

“I wouldn’t make such a concession because it’s just not right,” Andrews replied.

Daniel Andrews burned in hotel quarantine during the time of intense questions

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