Daniel Andrews leadership was questioned after resignation

The opposition in Victoria was blown up after Prime Minister Daniel Andrews was hit by his second major resignation in a month.

Former health minister Jenny Mikakos resigned in late September after Andrews said in a hotel quarantine investigation that she was the “main responsibility” for the failed program.

And yesterday, Prime Minister and Cabinet Secretary Chris Eccles (widely known as Andres’ “right arm”) announced his resignation following a scandal.

Mr. Eccles responded to inquiries that he could not remember conversations with members of the Victorian police and a message from former police chief Graham Ashton.

However, records show that on March 27, when the fateful decision was made to hire a private security guard at the quarantine hotel, the two called for two minutes.

“All roads lead to Daniel Andrews. Chris Eccles is Daniel Andrews’ right arm … and you can see the entire house of Cards starting to collapse,” said opposition leader Mike O’Brien. Stated. The times.

Opposition plans to launch a motion of no confidence in Andrews this week.

The bomb’s resignation dominated yesterday’s press conference, and reporters told Andrews how confident the Victorian people were after his government suffered a “second major” departure within a few weeks. Asked.

However, Andrews claimed that his government was committed to watching over the coronavirus crisis.

“Well, people across Victoria can make it clear that we are focused, and we have to do to further reduce these numbers and take a proportional public health response. You can be confident that you’re focused on what you don’t have. Find the COVID-normal and fix it. “

“People can be absolutely and completely confident because that’s what we all do. So this is an important development today, but public services are bigger than one. I emphasized that.

“This government is working as hard as possible with a large team to ensure that this strategy is absolutely successful for that purpose on Sunday.”

Daniel Andrews leadership was questioned after resignation

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