Daniel Andrews’ office was destroyed due to frustration with Victoria’s coronavirus regulation

Daniel Andrews’ office suffered a second vandalism in less than a month as concerns about the blockade of the Victorian coronavirus continued to boil.

A photo uploaded to social media on Thursday morning shows that the window in front of Victoria’s Prime Minister’s Noble Park constituency was partially destroyed and the front was sprayed with the phrase “Sackdan” in red paint. Is shown.

Police are investigating.

It happens on September 25th after graffiti is spray painted on office windows.

In Melbourne, there is growing dissatisfaction with the continued strict regulation of the coronavirus.

The prime minister said some of these measures would be eased on October 19, but not as much as initially expected.

On Wednesday, Andrews admitted that he was dissatisfied with the restrictions, but said they were important in the fight against COVID-19.

“These measures are costly. There are public health benefits, but they are also costly,” he told reporters.

In recent months, various protests against the blockade have been made, and state opposition parties have repeatedly called on Mr Andrews to relax the restrictions sooner.

Victoria recorded six new cases of coronavirus on Thursday, with no deaths and a 14-day moving average in Melbourne of 8.9.

Andrews is also under pressure for a hotel quarantine program that is believed to have caused the second wave of infection, leading to the deaths of hundreds of Victorians and the enforcement of regulations in the region and the metropolis of Melbourne. I am.

Concerns have also been raised about the outbreak in the provincial towns of Sheperton, as the truck driver associated with the Chadstone shopping center did not tell the contact tracer that he was there.

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Place of originDaniel Andrews’ office was destroyed due to frustration with Victoria’s coronavirus regulation

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