Daniel Andrews survived a motion of no confidence due to the emergence of eight new high-risk coronavirus sites in the Victorian region.

A motion of no confidence in Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews was rejected by the government as “cheap politics” but failed.

On Tuesday, the Free State Union voted no confidence in Mr Andrews on the handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

It failed with 23 to 44 votes on Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile, the number of COVID-19 in Victoria continues to be a stubborn plateau, and health officials announced eight high-risk locations on Tuesday night.

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews (left) will arrive at a press conference in Melbourne on Tuesday, October 13.


Opposition leader Michael O’Brien said in introducing the move, he failed the hotel’s quarantine program, ignored the offer of Australian Defense Force support, and imposed strict “meaningless” coronavirus restrictions. It was.

“The government is holding the prime minister hostage, pursuing an exclusion strategy that will eliminate jobs, hope, and a bright future for the state,” he told the legislative assembly.

As O’Brien said, the premiere wasn’t attending.

Andrews usually refrained from attacking the opposition, never calling their leaders by name, but counterattacked at his daily press conference.

“The cheap politics he and he trades in are not important in the fight against the virus. His cheap politics is not a vaccine against the virus,” Andrews said of O’Brien.

He also criticized O’Brien for “playing politics from tragedy” when he held a press conference surrounded by the 791 Australian flag on Monday. This represents the life lost in the second wave of Victoria.

O’Brien claims that many families are “really pleased” that their loved ones have not been forgotten.

Deputy Prime Minister James Merlino opposed a motion of no confidence in Congress, explaining that the move was a waste of time and energy “designed to deviate from opposition leaders who lost the trust of their party.” ..

“A man who longs for some kind of influence, all sorts of influence, uses tragic speakers to grieve his family and community, cheap political stunts, tasteless, meaningless, ruthless. I was taken to provide a stunt, “he said.

All members of the House of Representatives were given at least 15 minutes to talk about the motion.

Victorian Greens had previously shown that it did not support this move.

“The Liberal Party is using this motion of no confidence as a stunt for playing pandemic and political games. They want Andrews’ scalp,” said Greens MP Ellen Sandel.

“And now, Victorian people want politicians to focus more on how we actually get over this pandemic and get out of the limits.”

Opposition parties have only one chance to vote no confidence in the prime minister of each parliament.

The next election is not until 2022.

In the months leading up to the 2018 elections, then opposition leader Matthew Guy voted no confidence in the misuse of taxpayer money in the Labor voting scandal.

I failed with 49 to 33 votes.

The case number is still 2 digits

On Tuesday, double numbers recorded the sixth consecutive day of incidents, as Melbourne residents were worried about confirming which restrictions would be relaxed.

The latest update also killed one person, with 811 state casualties and 899 national casualties.

In a statement on Tuesday night, the DHHS said three Shepartons had been infected with the virus. This is the record of a new case in the area for the first time in weeks.

All three are self-quarantined at home.

They also released a list of eight high-risk new locations in the region, including McDonald’s Restaurant, Bunnings Warehouse, and Bunnings Warehouse. Moore Opener Golf Club.

Meanwhile, Melbourne’s 14-day rolling case average has returned to 10, and the city’s mystery cases have increased from 2 to 13.

The regional figures are stable at 0.4 and none.

Andrews acknowledged that the roadmap from the blockade of Victoria is likely to be redrawn, and that the daily COVID-19 numbers for teens could ease the limit.

The city needed an average of five incidents a day and five or less mysterious incidents to move from restrictions to the “third stage” of the state government’s roadmap next Monday.

Although these goals are currently unattainable, the Prime Minister said some restrictions (mainly social rather than economic) will still be relaxed.

At some point, Andrews acknowledged that Victorian authorities “call it” and may have to revise the goal of an average of five cases per day.

Australians must be at least 1.5 meters away from others. Check the jurisdiction limits for collecting limits.

If you have a cold or flu symptoms, stay home and call your doctor to arrange a test or contact the Coronavirus Health Information Hotline (1800 020 080). News and information is available in 63 languages ​​at

Check the guidelines relevant to your state or territory: NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, ACT, Tasmania

Daniel Andrews survived a motion of no confidence due to the emergence of eight new high-risk coronavirus sites in the Victorian region.

Source link Daniel Andrews survived a motion of no confidence due to the emergence of eight new high-risk coronavirus sites in the Victorian region.

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