Darebin Council does not meet employer standards as WorkCover premium soars


By comparison, the Yarra Council spent $ 332,000 on WorkCover employee costs in 2018-19 and $ 700,000 the previous year. According to the 2018-19 Annual Report, Stonington spends about $ 1 million annually on insurance premiums. Moreland spent more at $ 2.48,000 in 2019-20.

The report shows that the Dervin Council employer rating was 2.16 in the previous fiscal year, showing poor performance against the industry standard of less than 1.

The council’s employer rating was 1.76 in 2018-19, below 1 a few years ago.

Sue Wilkinson, CEO of Darebin, said WorkCover’s premiums are based on a variety of complex and sometimes external factors.

“They don’t reflect the quality of our organization,” Wilkinson said in a statement.

“Darebin employs a large number of high-risk workers not found in other councils, such as outdoor workers and home health workers. These teams often do manual labor and our premiums. Reflects that. “

Darebin’s WorkCover employer rating has improved to 0.91 in the current fiscal year, exceeding industry standards.

WorkCover Premium will also be $ 428,332 cheaper in 2020-21 and will be reflected in next year’s annual report.

“We are a modern and progressive organization that celebrates the diversity of our communities and our staff. Staff health and safety are our top priorities, we are fair, fair and everything we do. We are committed to participating in this, “said Wilkinson.

Eight WorkCover claims were accepted in 2019-20 and seven were accepted the previous year.

The list of courts shows that there are five active WorkCover cases against the Deabin Council listed in the Magistrates’ Court in Melbourne.

Last month, a federal court settled a fairwork proceeding filed by former Deabin employee Craig Bruckner.

Bruckner, who stood up and was fired after a brief discussion with a colleague last year, claimed that the Derbin Council violated his contract and fair labor law and was defamed. The council denied all claims.

Bruckner sought compensation for humiliation, pain, pain and suffering, reputational loss, and loss of income. He also wanted to return as a coordinator of civil compliance.

David Beckley, organizer of the Australian Services Union, said the council appears to have cultural problems and disproportionately many staff are taking stress vacations.

He also said that after the staff took sick leave, they had to prove their aptitude to work.

“We found it about the continued pursuit of those who took sick leave and the disproportionate number of Deabin staff who took leave due to stress,” Beckley said.

The annual report also shows that the Darebin Council lost 10.5% of full-time staff after a high staff turnover rate of 14.2% in 18-19.

“Dismissal and resignation [the] Last year it was a review of the organization. “

Staff turnover in 2017-18 was 12%, compared to 9.6% the previous year.

According to a report from 18-19, staff turnover at the Stonington Council has been 14-15% each over the last seven years. The average turnover rate of the Moreland Council is close to 9%, but lost 12% of full-time staff in 18-19.

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