Darryl Maguire allows Gladys Berejikrian to accept “thousands of cash” as a member of parliament as he survives a motion of no confidence.

A former partner of Premier Gladys Beregicrian, New South Wales, used his office for personal gain and accepted cash deliveries to the Capitol, saying “influence extends to high-level governments.” I confessed that I secretly instructed the proud company.

Shameful liberal MP Darryl Maguire faced the corruption of the Independent Commission on Wednesday after Ms. Beregikrian surprised her colleagues by revealing a five-year romance with a shameful former MP.

In an oath, former MPs, MPs Secretary, and Chairman of the NSW Asia Pacific Parliamentary Friendship Group “to make money for themselves and … for your peers” between 2012 and 2018. I was asked if I used his government office.

I got a reply saying “yes”.

Maguire allows to receive thousands of dollars in cash

The man, first elected to Congress in 1999, used taxpayer-funded facilities such as his offices, printers, and Congress staff to assist in the management of the company he secretly supervised. I admitted.

Founded in 2012, G8way International sought to help Chinese buyers connect with Australian winemakers, cotton producers, miners and other companies by signing visa contracts.

On a website that Maguire said was “underdeveloped,” the company boasted that it “has a high level of influence and experience in the government.”

A former parliamentarian said in the investigation that many transactions had failed, but charged up to 10 percent of the sales generated from the network’s efforts.

The more profitable sector was the visa scheme, which included Chinese citizens paying up to $ 20,000 in fees to obtain visas to work with Australian companies.

In return, companies were inquired that they did not have to pay workers’ wages for the first three months and received “training fees.”

Maguire has repeatedly accepted the delivery of thousands of dollars in cash fees to the Capitol office.

In 2013, companies were not obliged to hire workers, raising concerns that some workers did not go to work after entering Australia.

Darryl Maguire faced IACC today.


“When you introduced at least some of these businesses, I knew it wasn’t what I called a’legal immigration plan’, but rather the nature of what I called’cash’. Do you agree with that? Scheme for visas’? “Ask Scott Robertson, an attorney who assists the commissioner.

“Look back,” Maguire replied.

Later, Robertson argued, “It’s not a reflection.”

“Do you agree when you were referring to at least some of these businesses,” said the barrister.

I got a reply saying “yes”.

Maguire also acknowledged that he had to renew his premiere for conflicts of interest in accordance with his obligations under the New South Wales Ministerial Code of Conduct.

Mr. Maguire reappointed Mr. Maguire as a secretary to Congress when he became prime minister in January 2017.

ICAC is investigating various allegations against Maguire, including Maguire’s misuse of his public office to mediate real estate transactions in western Sydney and bring him financial benefits.

On Monday, the inquiry heard a phone conversation intercepted between Mr. Beregikrian and Mr. Maguire, saying she didn’t need to know more about his business.

“I was packed into my private life,” she said after the hearing.

“Obviously I wouldn’t have made those personal decisions if I knew what I knew at that time.”

On Tuesday, Ms. Beregikrian said she was “totally unaware” of his allegations of fraud.

NSW's Premier Gladys Beregicrian faces a motion of no confidence.

NSW’s Premier Gladys Beregicrian faces a motion of no confidence.

SBS News / Barry Offerel / Twitter

NSW Premier Survives Motion of No Confidence

New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian has survived a motion of no confidence accusing opposition leader Jody McKay of blinding himself to corruption.

A motion of no confidence was defeated in the House of Representatives 47-38 on Wednesday, and the same motion was defeated in the Senate. After MLC Chair John Ajaka weighted with the same number of votes and cast a decisive negative vote.

“We shouldn’t make a decision except for a majority, which shouldn’t be the reason for the chair to pass the motion,” Ajaka said of the vote.

A narrow escape is a noisy day in the bare pit after her ex-boyfriend Darryl Maguire faced the grill on the Anti-Corruption Independent Commission, after Ms. Beresikirian spent the third day fighting to continue working. It happened in the middle.

Ms. McKay told Congress that Ms. Beregikrian has the right to live a private life, but her “close personal relationship” with the shameful former Wagga Wagga MP is “a terrible prosecution of her ability to run the government.” It was.

“This is a failed premiere … and I turned my eyes to cheating,” she told the New South Wales House of Representatives Wednesday.

“If you accept Gladys Berejikrian as prime minister, it’s okay not to accept it at all. The move is … about the integrity of public office in New South Wales, the integrity of the prime minister’s office.

“If the prime minister stays, your government will decline forever.”

In response, New South Wales Treasury Secretary Dominique Perotet said Beregikrian demonstrated “perfect honesty and integrity.”

“No other leader in this country is as good as Gladys Berejikrian,” he said.

The Prime Minister continued to insist that she did nothing wrong.

Telephone interception at IACC on Monday was a number of opportunities for Magwire, who resigned from the New South Wales parliament in 2018 in connection with another IACC investigation, to discuss commerce with Beregikrian in 2017 and 2018. Told.

Federal and state senior Liberal lawmakers gathered around Mr. Beregkrian on Tuesday, who again insisted in Congress that her ex-boyfriend’s deal could be dangerous, and she gives evidence to the investigation. In particular, he said it was “complete and candid.”

However, a Labor lawmaker told Congress that she was always acting in good faith, so she quit the prime minister.

“At every stage, I, my colleagues, or a civil servant in contact with him, was informed that there was cheating, which would have been reported,” said Beregil Klean.

“Even if you think you can trust someone, you may not.”

NSW Opposition Leader Jody McKay will speak on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, during a questioning time at the Legislative Assembly at the New South Wales Parliament Building in Sydney. (AAP image / Dan Hinbrecht) No archive

New South Wales opposition leader Jody McKay will speak at Question Time on October 13.


The Labor Party in New South Wales has accused the government of cutting short discussions on the motion of no confidence, and two Labor speakers and two Liberal parties tackled the issue before the issue was voted on.

The prime minister left the chamber of commerce before the debate began.

Darryl Maguire allows Gladys Berejikrian to accept “thousands of cash” as a member of parliament as he survives a motion of no confidence.

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