Darryl Maguire contradicts former Minister of Staff Chief of Staff

“He knew the purpose. I’m very clear about it … to have an informed discussion with Mr. Alha and give him some advice,” Maguire said.

“The code had a red glass. It was a kind of code, a message. [to] Come to the office. “

Mr. Weller said he was ambushed by Mr. Maguire last week when he arrived at Mr. Maguire’s office to find him armed with a development model and a glass of red wine the day after the question time in November 2017. I told the committee that I felt it.

“I remember slipping their glass of wine away from me. I was pretty moody … I pretended to be there and asked there,” Mr. Weller told IACC last week. ..

Maguire said Wednesday that Mr. Weller’s explanation of being ambushed was simply “not true.”

Maguire has admitted several times that he has used his position as a member of parliament and a secretary of parliamentarians to make money for himself and his associates.

The former Parliamentary Secretary responded to an inquiry that he had silently turned his office into a part-time headquarters for a private business network called G8way international Pty Ltd.

Gladys Berejikrian and former MP Darryl Maguire have been in a secret relationship for five, Johnny Barrett

After more than three weeks of hearing, including the exposure of the bomb that Mr. Maguire had a five-year secret relationship with Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian, the Commission said from himself, the cash, companions, and failures he linked to. Inquiries so far that I heard about the venture that I did.

Maguire, who was also the chair of the Asia-Pacific Friendship Group, said he knew it was wrong to use his position in commercial activities, such as exploring business opportunities with colleagues in the South Pacific.


The Commission heard that he was planning a trip to the region in February 2018 when he insisted on setting up a meeting with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

“You will accept that you are taking a step with you, right? [friendship group] “I’m wearing a hat to make money,” said a lawyer who assisted Scott Robertson, adding that the motive was “pure profit.”

“Yes,” Maguire replied.

Maguire’s central means of commerce was the G8way international, and he ran with his friend and fellow Phil Elliott with the help of other staff in his parliamentary office.


G8wayinternational was a reference to Maguire’s final agreement to promote and access to the “high-level government” experience and access.

Maguire has never declared interest or income from the business. [and] To support importers’ imports. ” G8wayinternational was just one of the financial plans that Maguire wanted to see him through his retirement.

Wine, steel, cotton and milk powder are just a few of the failed ventures he explored through his business: airplane pilot schools, Chinese trade fairs, coal mines, gold mines, tin mines and even automatic car washes. “

“Many of them didn’t come off,” he admitted Wednesday.


He told the committee that he tried to use the weight of diplomacy and consulates around Asia to help Chinese business associates also form a committee.

ICAC also heard excerpts from phone calls and text messages he had direct contact with real estate developers and investors. Asked why he has these lines of communication, he said, “We make networks. Politicians make networks. That’s our lifeline.”

Maguire also admitted that he had repeatedly received thousands of dollars in cash at the Capitol for cash for a visa fraud he committed with his fellow Maggie Wang. ..

Under this plan, Maguire raised a business owner who agreed to hire Chinese for a kickback of about $ 30,000. Visa applicants never appear for actual employment.

He clearly remembers expressing concern to Mr. Wang, saying he “cannot endanger people by breaking the rules.”

Robertson suggested that “you are making money from it” and decided to continue anyway.

“Correct,” Maguire said.

Maguire will continue his evidence in the Witness Box on Thursday.

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Lucy Cormac is a political reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald state.

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Darryl Maguire contradicts former Minister of Staff Chief of Staff

Source link Darryl Maguire contradicts former Minister of Staff Chief of Staff

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