Darryl Maguire sought to monetize G8way international MP office

Maguire, wearing a dark gray suit and tie, submitted evidence after 10 am and briefly acknowledged the question posed by Scott Robertson, an attorney supporting the Commission.

“While you were a member of parliament, you used your office in the Capitol … to pursue your own business interests?” “Yes.”

Gladys Berejikrian and former MP Darryl Maguire have been in a secret relationship for five, Johnny Barrett

“Agree that you have received multiple thousands of dollars in cash deliveries at the Capitol office in connection with plans to include an Australian visa for Chinese citizens?” “Yes.”

“You knew at the time that you weren’t allowed to use the Capitol office … its G8way international [was] What means did you try to make a personal profit? “”Yes”

Maguire has never declared interest or income from the organization.He said the project was aimed at “supporting exporters’ exports.” [and] To help importers import. “

Inquiries had previously heard excerpts from phone taps, emails, and documents revealing that Maguire was preparing for his retirement, and considered G8way international as the way to go.

On its website, G8way international promoted experience and access to the “high-level government” that Maguire finally agreed to.

“It will have to be me.”

Wine, steel, cotton and milk powder are just a few of the failed ventures he sought through his business, including airplane pilot schools, Chinese trade fairs, coal mines, gold mines, tin mines and even automatic car washes. ” Heared on Wednesday.

The Commission heard Mr. Magwire’s recollection of lunch at the Capitol, which was planned to celebrate the signing of an agreement between the Wagawaga City Council and a Chinese delegation to build a $ 400 million trade center.


It followed a Memorandum of Understanding signing event in November 2012, temporarily attended by then-Prime Minister Barry O’Farrell, at the request of Mr. Maguire.

ICAC has heard that Mr. Maguire sent a G8way international invoice to the delegation and arranged to pay Congressional services for lunch.

When asked why the delegation sent the G8way international invoice, Maguire said, “It was totally inappropriate for the Congress I host the event to provide invoices to the group.” ..

He states: “I remember there was a lot of confusion about getting paid. Then I had to create an invoice … I can’t remember how that happened.”

Robertson asked Maguire if his parliamentary staff who supported the G8way international project had ever charged a referral fee for a NSW government candidate.

“Without my authority, they wouldn’t,” he said, adding that if he was asked, “it would have gone too far,” he would have “absolutely” rejected it. ..

Robertson asked him about a bid invoice with a “referral service fee.”

A former parliamentarian said he didn’t remember seeing the bill by Wednesday.

The investigation will continue.

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Lucy Cormac is a political reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald state.

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