Diamond tactics in the spotlight as Jhaniele Fowler riots at Jamaica’s Commonwealth Games boilover

Diamond was given a real wake-up call in Birmingham. Lost 57-55 to relentless Jamaica First time at the Commonwealth Games.

The Sunshine Girls continue to make good progress throughout the tournament, with wins over Wales (72-43), South Africa (68-49), Barbados (103-24) and Scotland (40-18) turning the spotlight on Australia . Blockbuster clash.


Both teams went undefeated going into the final group match, the game played well and really lived up to the hype.

Fans staggered on the edge of their seats at the National Entertainment Center from start to finish, riding every moment as players scuffled and scrapped for the ball.

The matchup between 2022 Super Netball champion players Janiere Fowler and Courtney Bruce was particularly juicy as the pair of West Coast Fever left camaraderie at the door to pummel each other for nearly 60 minutes.

The best shooter in the world has always been hard to shut up. She is in every game she plays. But Australia had no answer, even though their coach knew Fowler’s game better than anyone else.

Get ready to take off… Facing Janiere Fowler is never easy.(Getty: Morgan Harlow)

During the four years Marinkovic worked with Fowler on West Coast Fever (2018-2021), her job was to harness the power of the 196 cm tall shooter.

Marinkovic was so effective that she made Fowler a four-time league MVP.

So it’s all the more notable that Marinkovic has become more focused on the diamonds full-time and has struggled to get his players to execute a game plan that will stop Fowler from dominating the court.

The fact that the Diamonds kept Fowler’s current Super Netball teammates Bruce and Sunday Aryan in their corners is all the more concerning that they were unable to keep Fowler out.

Three Super Netball teammates clap fists and celebrate after scoring a goal.
Bruce and Fowler usually work together for Fever, but can be bruised after having a physical encounter for the country.(AAP: Darren England)

Fowler scored 47 goals from 50 attempts and sent a warning to the remaining competitors to ‘do your best’ to win the battle against Australia by a mile.

Bruce left nothing in the tank while trying to limit Fowler’s scoring chances, but he didn’t have enough support from his mates up front.

Jamaica will almost certainly score a goal every time they feed from mid-court to the edge of the circle, thanks to Fowler’s height and strength. that area at night.

Jamaica beats Australia for the first time in the Commonwealth Games.(Getty: Morgan Harlow)

The services of center Nicole Dixon Rochester (23 assists, 34 feeds) and goal attack Shanice Beckford (18 assists, 20 feeds) are particularly noteworthy.

Beckford also did a ton of work to get the ball onto the court and make sure he was always an option for the center pass with 28 receptions.

After the game, Kate Moloney defended the Bruce’s performance, stating that the team did not execute their plan as well as they had hoped.

Moloney admitted that the Diamonds had a poor execution of their game plan.(Getty: Matthew Lewis.)

“I think Courtney knows what it feels like for other super netball teams to have to face Janiere Fowler right now,” Moloney joked.

“I thought she played a good hand-to-ball today, but it’s important to remember that all the work leading up to it isn’t up to Kurt.” [Bruce].

“Hopefully if we can work hard up front and risk forcing Jamaica on long passes, she can win more possessions. So we have to find a way to protect her a bit more. It won’t.”

Back to Stacey Marinkovich blueprints.(AAP: James Ross)

Some fans called for NSW Swift goalkeeper Sarah Krau to be placed as an impact player off the bench in place of Bruce.

That change finally came when Australia conceded a six-goal lead and ran into trouble with four minutes remaining.

By then, it was too late for Klaue to make any meaningful contribution, leading to criticism that Marinkovic was hesitant to replace him.

That hesitation reflects a clear shift from the Diamonds’ first four games at Birmingham, where Mejnkovich tried several different combinations, sometimes making up to 12 substitutions in one match. .

Jamaica had a lot of crowd support in Birmingham.(Getty: Matthew Lewis)

After the game, Marinkovic said he’s been trying to find a balance between recognizing the need for immediate change and letting his players work through tough patches on the court.

Practicing the latter will prepare you for the upcoming clutch game. Especially since Diamond is so accustomed to playing a variation of the rules of Super Netball that coaches can rely on timeouts and rolling substitutions to stop the momentum.

This makes sense, but it’s a fair question to ask why Marinkovic bothered to develop a new combination if it’s just going to take a backseat in the bigger game.

Despite being impressive in previous games, we haven’t seen Aryan or Klaue on the court for a long time.(AAP: James Ross)

“Well, I changed defenses for impact,” Marinkovic told the media.

“Sometimes I need an impact, sometimes I need a build, but I will definitely review and re-evaluate the timing of Klaue’s replacement.”

On the other side of the court, another epic matchup between Diamond shooter Gretel Vueta (36 goals in 39 tries) and Sunshine Girls keeper Shamela Sterling (4 points, 7 pick-ups) was held.

With her long limbs and sneaky offline defensive style, Sterling was able to shake Vueta’s confidence in the first quarter and help Jamaica to an 8-3 start.

Sterling was able to beat Australian shooter Vueta.(AAP: James Ross)

The Diamonds fought back to take a 14-13 lead at the first break, but Sterling completely dismantled Australia’s attack in the remaining 15 minutes to see Jamaica regain the lead and win the first quarter. I was. (17-9) of the match.

Under that constant pressure, some cracks began to appear in Diamond’s game.

Bueta’s timing was a little off, getting out of the pack too early, getting stuck outside the circle, stuck at third height of goal, and nobody inside the circle to post. did.

This put a lot of pressure on Stephen Wood’s goal attack (19 goals on 22 shots), but she was able to get the Diamonds out of trouble and sink some beautiful long bombs.

Koenen scored nearly 50 goals against Wales.(Getty: Alex Livesey)

But like Krau, fans were curious why Marinkovic didn’t roll Karla Konen onto the court with his goal shooter when Vueta started to struggle.

Diamond tactics in the spotlight as Jhaniele Fowler riots at Jamaica’s Commonwealth Games boilover

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