Dicey topic with Australian restaurant owner and writer Bill Granger

Still, is there anything about your body that you want to change? not really. The joy of being in my fifties is that my body care has changed from vanity to health. I appreciate what it can do. Pilates. Paddle boarding. I was not a natural athlete. As a “creative kid”, team sports scared me, but now I want to stay active.


You handle food all day long. How can I avoid eating everything in front of me? I love food. Food for me is emotional and the way I connect emotionally. The blockade contains many dishes. I was a family chef while everyone was studying. Naturally, my taste turns to a lot of vegetables and my girl avoids eating meat at home. So, by default, I take care of my family, so I take care of myself.

You live in London and the situation at COVID-19 is getting worse. are you worried? I was scared to come back to London from Australia. I’m low risk, but as my doctor said, “act as you have it.” It’s a good way to see it.

What is the most impressive thing your body has ever done? Jump off the plane.

When was your body last failed? At the gym this morning. I haven’t been a “gimm” for 6 months! [Laughs]


At the age of 23, he opened his first cafe in Darlinghurst, Sydney. What was the biggest mistake you made? The first shop I leased had a boarding house on the second floor. A friend of mine said, “We will take it over and live there.” Stupidly-because I trusted him-I paid him all the rent for the building. He spent the money. The landlord took me to court in an attempt to evict me and the restaurant. We kept it, but in the end it taught me that all responsibility lies with me. And always pay the rent. [Laughs]

Restaurant profit margins can be dangerous. How do you make it work? Consistency is important. Treat all customers on a regular basis and maintain good relationships with our suppliers. The margin is small. If you don’t see it, it will run away from you.

What impact did you have on your business this year? We have been serving pancakes at Darlinghurst on Saturday mornings for 28 years. When it closed, it was like “wow”. It was hard. You are responsible for people’s lives. The hardest part was that no one had an answer.

What is your favorite cheap one? In Pottsville, northern New South Wales, this little little Japanese café offers delicious brown rice vegetable tempura rolls for $ 2.50. Very home style.

What is your favorite expensive thing? Anything at the River Cafe in London. We go there for a birthday celebration. But it’s expensive because the materials they use are the best you can buy.

You are credited for putting avocado in the toast on the menu. Resolve the argument. Do millennials like me spend a lot of money on toasted avocados? [Laughs] Well, that’s the life I live in. I’m out too much. I spend money on bank managers saying, “What are you doing it for?” But as a person in his fifties, it all works. As my dad said, “It was always impossible to buy a house. Always!”


What religion did you grow up in? None. I attended an Anglican school, but never went to church with my family.


So how do you understand the world? Nature. My family. My community. I envy my Muslim and Jewish friends. My best friend died two years ago. It was a Jewish ritual and a great place for us to mourn together. My community is a restaurant. In every city, I drink coffee and chat with teams and customers. I have the same customer for 28 years: Mr. Muffin. Mrs. Hotcake. Mr. No butter and egg white omelet. [Laughs] Getting in touch with your local neighborhood is a way to find a community.

What is your commandment for cooking? Always the season. Forget the unsalted ones and use good sea salt. Enjoy the cooking process. Find ways to enjoy it, such as playing music, pouring wine, or spending more time enjoying the moment. Always try new things.

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