Disgraceful MP ​​destroyed his phone and iPad with a tractor: IACC


On the second day of full evidence prior to the corruption investigation into a former Wagga member, Ms. Wang admitted that she had deleted communication with him at the direction of another companion.

Maguire is the subject of a public inquiry by the IACC, investigating whether he has abused his position as a member of parliament for his own financial gain.

After appearing at IACC in 2018, Ms. Princess told her on Tuesday that a former MP had told her about an “unfortunate accident” in which her cell phone and iPad were hit by a tractor.

The Commission also heard that Mr Maguire tried to bring Chinese companies’ oil extraction technology to Australia as part of a plan to fund his retirement.

In a fresh phone tape played at a hearing, he told Mr. Wang that he would share profits if he succeeded in launching a potentially lucrative project.

“When you’re talking about oil, you’re talking a lot of money,” he said. “We do as usual. We are like brothers and sisters.”

Maguire stood in front of the committee for the first time in the investigation on Wednesday and Thursday, revealing that he and Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian had been in a secret relationship for five years during his illegal activity. ..

Ms. Beregikrian violently denied any misconduct or knowledge of her previous partner’s alleged behavior after the IACC exposed a series of personal calls intercepted between them.

The premiere has not been accused of cheating.

In a survey on Tuesday, we heard evidence that Mr. Wang and Mr. Magwire plan to split the interests of oil projects and other ventures, including real estate and visa cash schemes.

Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian has denied all

In one of the phone calls intercepted at the hearing, Maguire said he “hit” Wang after learning about the oil conference in Adelaide.

“These are all oil miners in Australia and around the world. They are all there,” he told Mr. Wang that she should go to a meeting, “give them some sort of agreement. Get them and take them to the meeting. “

Maguire told Wang that Stephen Galiley of the New South Wales Minerals Council had informed him of the meeting. Galilee has not been accused of cheating.

A former parliamentarian also told Mr. Wang that he had organized a meeting with Santos and instructed her what fees should be charged to the Chinese company for referrals.

Mr. Wang heard that it was clear to her at the time that Maguire was considering retiring and wanted to set a business profit to maintain his lifestyle.

During her first appearance last month, she was grilled into her role in implementing a fraudulent visa cash scheme related to Mr. Maguire, which was advertised to wealthy Chinese citizens. She was granted at least 12 visas through this scheme and assisted the operation by arranging the company to hire visa applicants for kickback.

The investigation will continue.

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Lucy Cormac is a political reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald state.

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Disgraceful MP ​​destroyed his phone and iPad with a tractor: IACC

Source link Disgraceful MP ​​destroyed his phone and iPad with a tractor: IACC

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