Donald Trump has succeeded in making China to facilitate the work of Xi Jinping

The United States, once a global benchmark for modernity and progress, has fallen to the point where senior Australian federal officials have told me it is a mistake to study US elections in the same framework as Australian elections. “Look at the United States, as if declining confidence in institutions deepened social and economic inequality, and institutions were looking at increasingly politicized Third World countries.”

Meanwhile, after a pandemic, China controlled the disease, protected its leaders, and began distributing hundreds of thousands of experimental vaccines. We cannot rely on China’s official mortality rate of 3 per million. But even if the actual numbers worsen 100 times, China’s case fatality rate is less than half that of the United States.

And we can’t trust Beijing’s experimental vaccine. However, I am determined to find it to rival or defeat the West. There are four vaccine candidates in the final phase of the trial, Phase 3, and the full effect is not yet known.

The vaccine developed by Sinovac has received little attention in the West, but has received even more attention in the countries where it is being tested (Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil). Indeed, Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said, “Clinical trials are going well and we are getting good results.” Shinovac has promised Indonesia 40 million doses by March next year.

And expanding the definition of “emergency use,” Beijing reportedly allowed state-owned Shinofarm to distribute vaccine candidates to about 350,000 people in China and is preparing to publish them more widely. .. We give priority to people who need to travel abroad, such as aid workers and business people.

Is it irresponsible for Chinese authorities to authorize the distribution of vaccines before the end of Phase 3 trials? Yes, it is. Is it an effective way to increase the pace of competition with the West and attract attention in other countries? You bet The West may still win in the quest for vaccines, but anyone who wins will get a lot of bragging points. Even more influential is which country can not only devise a vaccine, but also distribute it widely around the world. This is a virtual speech to China’s Xi Jinping Jintao of last month the United Nations General Assembly, is that promised to ignore the Donald Trump of complaints about “China virus” in the same forum.

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This is the culmination of a model contest (China vs. the United States) that China has been promoting for over a decade. Chinese Communist Mouthpiece in 2009 after the United States led much of the Western world to bankruptcy and economic collapse People’s Daily Proud of China’s economic success, edited: “The” Chinese model “created miracles, paved the way for its own development, replaced the belief in the superior” American model “and marked its end. “

A year later, then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton agreed that China had considerable appeal to many countries. “Looking at China, some people say,’Well, well, they’re growing at 9,10 per person.'” For a penny a year they have a lid, “and if you’re an authoritarian mindset … it might be fascinating,” she told me in an interview.

Since then, there have been three game-changing events. First, a new ambitious Chinese leader, Xi, came to power in Beijing, providing dozens of countries with easy access to the $ 1 trillion checkbook, also known as the Belt and Road Initiative. Second, the new destructive US leader, Trump, seized power in Washington and disrupted the world’s public goods – he insulted and punished many US friends and allies, making America major. Withdrew from the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement and withdrew from the Paris Agreement. And he undermined freedom everywhere by refusing to commit to democracy as a way to choose American leaders.

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Suddenly, the supposed leaders of the free world shared much in common with the leaders of the world’s most oppressive powers. Trump’s “Aversion to Liberal Internationalism, Indifference to Democratization and Human Rights, Beliefs in Great Diplomacy, Preference for Personal Transactions Between Leaders, Chime of Xi’s Unique Approach” is a Non-Resident Fellow of the Lowy Institute. The scholar Bobo is writing low.

At the same time, “Trump’s actions and personal priesthood trade have undermined transatlantic unity and western moral authority.” And third, the coronavirus struck. As Lo says, it’s a “metaphor for the collapse of governance.” Not everywhere, but certainly in the United States.

China was the first concealment of a pandemic and did a great deal of harm to the world’s eyes. But there doesn’t seem to be such a bad mistake that Trump can’t find a way to compete. “I always wanted to play it,” he admitted to journalist Bob Woodward in February, while telling Americans that the virus “disappears” and “everything goes well.” So the United States has now done its own cover-up to compete with China.


The Chinese Communist Party represents ruthless oppression, the most permanent and successful dictatorship in modern history, pioneering new ways of responding to technology that shatter the human spirit in the name of maintaining the party’s power.

But for now, it’s difficult to know exactly what the United States represents. Trump makes it much easier for Xi to portray the Chinese model as a better option. Perhaps Trump’s former Chief of Staff, John Kerry, best understood working at the White House when he said, “We’re in Crazy Town.”

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