Don’t be ashamed of Mr Shady, the rule “numerouno” for powerful women in politics

ICAC is conducting a second survey of Magwire, a former Wagga Wagga parliamentarian. In 2018, he was involved in an investigation into allegations of improper conduct by a former Canterbury city council member. He resigned from the Liberal Party and Parliament after telling the Commission that he had asked for payments to help mediate real estate transactions with Chinese developers, but he was not found.


This time, he is at the center of the investigation that he used his position as a member of parliament to bring improper benefits to himself or to organizations near him, including G8way International. The time of the problem is between 2012 and 2018. His relationship with Premier began in 2015. The current investigation is underway and we will report the findings at a later date.

Beregikrian is the woman, person, and prime minister who survived the Ruby Princess, overcame a pandemic in New South Wales, and confirmed that she was always available, like Daniel Andrews. calm down. I collected it. Even dyed Labor voters have said kindly about Beregicrian on social media. shocking.

There may be a lot of frustrating things about the premiere, but her pandemic deal wasn’t, and # TeamNSW seemed possible.

Disappointed by the lack of common sense in children, I feel like talking to them before they grow up. So who do you think can escape and not get caught by wielding Mr. Shady?

I’m also very disappointed with Magwire, which isn’t suitable for tying Beregikrian shoelaces. Being a single woman in such a strong position is not easy, and sisters and hacksters are hanging out and eager to take part in the action. I dare he get her involved in this mess.

Former Wagga MP Darryl Barrett

Emma Husal, a former Labor Party member of the Lindsay Parliament, points out: “When you’re dating someone while you’re in politics, you wonder if the connection is real or if they just want to be with you for the connection you provide. They or yours. Status or the power they recognize you have. “

Shamefully embarrassed by politics by Labor and BuzzFeed, Husar says she received a lot of attention from men while she was still in office.

“It was always difficult to know their intentions. I disabled LinkedIn. People used it to hit me, but in many cases it seems something different from their true interests. I felt it. “


She says the media shouldn’t just focus on the premiere. Magwire should also be grilled about his intentions when he hits the premiere. “It’s not just her responsibility, but she’s the only one who’s embarrassed.”

Former Labor Party members sympathize with the Liberal Prime Minister. “She was never convinced. She was never convinced that he was completely genuine.”

That’s a good thing, and I’m angry with both. But he is not the person who runs NSW. And it’s unclear for weeks if he ran our premiere and if she turned out to be the most deceived woman on Macquarie Street.

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Jenna Price is a scholar at the University of Technology Sydney and a regular columnist at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Don’t be ashamed of Mr Shady, the rule “numerouno” for powerful women in politics

Source link Don’t be ashamed of Mr Shady, the rule “numerouno” for powerful women in politics

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