Don’t Worry Darling review: Olivia Wilde’s film is ambitious but derivative

Will the scandal that engulfed Don’t Worry Darling change how you look at the film itself?

Are your expectations high or low – somehow the work has to justify the fuss and it has to be more interesting than the discourse. Do you almost want the schadenfreude streak to fail, or is the drama giving you underdog status?

In movies, keep in mind how much your feelings are tainted and amplified by going through months and weeks of whispers and innuendos, outright accusations and nasty Internet campaigns. stay here.

The movie itself is a disappointment compared to the rich story that surrounds it. don’t worry darling It’s neither terrifying nor masterpiece, it’s a patchwork piece.

It’s a relatively unremarkable film with some jaw-dropping performances (neither of which are Harry Styles’), strong production design, and some ambitious ideas.

Nor did I know how to bring these ideas home in a way that matched that strong and compelling first act. wives of stepford When rosemary baby than the original.

in some cases, don’t worry darling That’s excellent. In How Florence Pugh’s Alice Establishes Victory’s ‘ideal’ community where she lives with her husband Jack (Stiles), style and demeanor are captivating and glamorous with popping colors. A visual treasure trove.

Victory is the perfect town with perfect haircut housewives living the perfect life. They spend her day at home with her husband, then hang out by the pool or in dance class.

But as Betty Friedan wrote mystery of womenwithout the nuance, but equally effectively portrayed simpsonsIn Cypress Creek episodes, the brilliance of its surface perfection hides a terrifying truth.

These towns aren’t what they seem, they’re full of secrets, such as the mysteries of Jack’s work and what a “winning project” is other than the boring, self-righteous rhetoric about progress and order.

It rings hollow when town leader charismatic Frank (Chris Pine) and his wife Shelly (Gemma Chan) talk about progress and safety. Progress and order are not the easiest companions.Evolution requires pieces of conflict and chaos.

maybe because don’t worry darling is a thriller and draws on many existing cultural tropes, so you know it’s the turkey that Alice is being sold to.

The insecurities she feels, the questions she starts asking, and the surrealist experiences she starts having all show you know. It’s probably not the exact secret, but the general vibe.

In particular, Wilde and screenwriter Katie Silverman spend the film’s seemingly endless middle act, letting Pugh do what Rosemary Woodhouse does best.

Victory isn’t hiding a Satanic cult trying to have a demon baby or Hanks Scorpio’s supervillain lair.

Wilde’s directorial debut. book smartwas perfect when it came to tone – a raucous, fun and clever comedy about two teenage girls who decide to live it out on their last night of high school.

book smart It was my first confident work, don’t worry darling Much of that big swing didn’t connect, especially in the more audacious and thematic second half.

Wilde is clearly an excellent director in many aspects of her work, including pulling great performances from the supernaturally gifted Pugh. Regardless of what happened on that set, there’s no doubt that the two worked great together for that performance, regardless of whether there was a relationship between the director and the star.

Pine is equally charming as the charming but unreliable Frank, and is Pugh’s worthy scene partner.

Styles is not really struggling as the drama escalates – when his character needs to be more than a loving husband, Styles is a reminder that he’s not a trained actor. He’s good enough for someone with little experience, but if everyone around him is running 17, he’s probably operating on three different levels.

don’t worry darling It’s captivating at first because of all it promises, but when it’s little more than a few nods to its stronger and more memorable predecessor, it falls victim to its own ambitions and set-up.

Without all the offscreen drama, don’t worry darling Rather than being talked about as one of the biggest movies of the year, it would have had little impact on mainstream film culture in 2022.

It was both a blessing and a curse.

evaluation: 2.5/5

Don’t Worry Darling is now in cinemas

first published as Don’t Worry Darling review: Olivia Wilde’s film is ambitious but derivative

Don’t Worry Darling review: Olivia Wilde’s film is ambitious but derivative

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