Doubts over Australia’s positive COVID test rate


Australia has the highest COVID-19 infection rate per capita in any comparable country in the world, but pathologists fear they do not have the complete picture.

In most cases, people are using rapid antigen testing at home, which firmly places responsibility for reporting on the person rather than a health professional.

This is the first time the public has been given this kind of responsibility,

Microbiologist and infectious disease doctor Caitlin Keighley said it was important for Australians to record positive tests.

He said without accurate data on infections, there was no way to know the true number of positive infections in the community.

Without these data, it is difficult to plan public health responses and assess the impact of treatment and vaccines.

“I suspect patients don’t report themselves because they don’t realize the importance to public health and potential treatment. Most probably still isolate themselves, “Dr. Keighley said.

He said Australia’s current number of infections means it is not necessary to regularly ask patients to confirm antigen tests and a PCR test.

But he said a PCR test was helpful in distinguishing whether the patient had both concurrent flu – which could be tested on the same PCR.

“I urge Australians to report all rapid rapid antigen tests to the state health department,” he said.

“When you fail, reporting your positive test may not seem like a priority, but it is so important to take the time to do so. It informs us about the public’s resistance to the virus and allows us to take steps to reduce its effects on patients. ”

Australia’s latest 24-hour COVID data

NSW: 8751 cases, 14 deaths, 1234 in hospitals and 38 in ICU

VIC: 11,656 cases, 16 deaths, 545 in hospitals, 36 in ICU


Doubts over Australia’s positive COVID test rate Source link Doubts over Australia’s positive COVID test rate

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