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Israeli cantor and performer Dudu Fisher Les Miserables On Broadway, he will join the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation (MHC) High Holy Days as Reed Chazan.

“I have been to Australia many times and am very excited to be in a 180-year-old synagogue,” he said. AJNMore.

“It’s like a sanctuary that’s been there for years. Young generations see what their parents went through, build such beautiful congregations and beautiful synagogues, and pass it on to future generations, traditions and traditions.” I think it is very important to carry on people’s love for this beautiful synagogue.”

Despite being away from his family during Chagim, Fisher said he was comforted by the fact that: We he is one family – all of us. ”

He also said that MHC congregations are looking for unique experiences.

“I think my prayers are different from other cantors and chazans. For me doing a session in a synagogue is like giving a concert, like being on stage,” he said. rice field.

“I mix music phantom of opera and then Les Miserables and then fiddler on the roof

Fisher also spoke about his early days as a performer and said he actually grew up wanting to be a dentist.

When I was casually singing at a friend’s wedding, I was approached by a Canadian man, and my life changed with one word. he said. Are you going to smell other people’s bad breath in your voice for the rest of your life? ”

He never dreamed of dentistry again.

Fisher, now based in New York, also said. AJNMore About his time as Jean Valjean on Broadway.

He said Jean Valjean was a religious man, so he didn’t have to pretend when he played the role.

Fisher added, “He never did anything without consulting God first. Everything he did in life was good.”

when he sang a famous song bring him home“I used to tell my kids that,” said Fisher, who was in the Israeli army at the time.

MHC President Quentin Miller said having Fischer as Lead Chazan “adds even more brilliance and excitement.”

“I can’t wait for him to join our Bima with Ravi Shlomo Nathanson, who has created a truly meaningful High Holy Days program,” said Miller.

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Dudu Fisher is Chazan leader – Australian Jewish News

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