Dutton’s start as opposition leader

Four years from opposition party leader this month, Peter Duttonchallenge the former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull As a leader of the Federal Liberal Party.

Has time passed?

Despite two disappointing defeats week Betrayed and entangled by the Machiavellians, August 2018 power play By Morrison and his supporters, Dutton remained in the cabinet, retained a portfolio of home affairs, and loyally supported the victor, the then-Prime Minister. Scott MorrisonIn a later reshuffle, Dutton became Minister of Defense and later Speaker of the House, enjoying the conventions of coalition government. gag debate.

Dutton’s political career has never been called “stellar”. Rather, he limped like a policeman in a fistfight.

His political career was a veritable minefield gaffeuncomfortable comment When joke be aggressive and racist Blowing a dog whistle, lack of information commentallegations of corruption actionand he was a hardliner enforcer policy That made him little loved by the Australian public.

After Morrison’s crushing defeat on May 21, Dutton was for some reason not resisted, Elected Federal Liberal Party leader.No one raised their hand in the Liberal House 85% Raise the base salary of Congress to gain leadership privileges.

Not a single person wanted the chance to become the political nemesis of newly elected Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.The entire party room has spent the past six weeks on a campaign trail about how weak and ineffective Albanians are. Even though it was spent.

Surely that meant Albanian would be an easy pick and would be a sitting duck for anyone in that room with ambitions? It seems pretty strange, given the vigor and imagination that many in that room make the bill for Congressional dues and enumerate their financial interests.

Dutton strutted into his first press conference with the confidence of a mediocre middle-aged white man who had been promoted beyond his capabilities, and the confidence of a “past” in politics that only men could have. Women in politics don’t get the same privilege of being able to rack up scandals and hold leadership positions.

Dutton moved on sell his credentials to the assembled press, handpicked from his political résumé, completely forgetting to mention au pairs, or proudly voting ‘No’ in the same-sex marriage referendum, encourage others do or walk out Apology to Stolen Generations or Indigenous Name Blocks BaseHe made no mention of Kangaroo Island beaches hut.

The new opposition leader also neglected to mention advertisement When he was a minister he did.

Dutton immediately after taking office as leader Said he did “make a mistake” When he came out of his 2008 apology:

“At the time, I thought I should apologize when the problem was solved and when it wasn’t.”

Not what he said on ABC’s show, two years after the 2008 strike Question-and-answer session In 2010, Dutton maintained its strong position, called An apology is a “political distraction” and a “metaphysical gesture.” It was rather surprising that he abandoned that long-standing conviction on the day he became leader of the Liberal Party.

Since that day, Dutton has blazed off the block with passion and excitement and has not paved the way to inspire the country. It’s a sort of sluggish, gaffe-prone, lackluster shuffle for his political career over the last two decades.

To be fair, after snake oil salesman Morrison’s dazzling spin cycle, the successor always paled by comparison. Morrison has always wanted to be the center of attention, but Dutton doesn’t shy away from it or becomes obsessive like his predecessor.

Jet lag trip Washington, D.C. has yet to deal a serious blow to the government from the opposition and is marred by terrible internal affairs. reportthe first sitting week provided Dutton the chance to show his stuff to the House of Representatives, the moment he’s been waiting for since the winter of 2018.

For his first political foray in the House of Commons as opposition leader, Dutton chose to defend nuclear power power and ignore Expert advice on the threat of hand-foot-and-mouth disease.

At the end of the first sitting week, Newspoll conducted its first implementation poll Since the May election. Sunday evening brought a terrifying poll result for the coalition, with Labor leading 56 to 44 (two parties in favor), with the prime minister: Albanians 59% ahead, Dutton 25% ahead.

To his credit, Dutton showed up for work on Monday. His colleagues would have forgiven him for taking sick leave after the news poll.

The second week of sitting wasn’t unicorns or sparkles for Dutton either. Legislation passed and the climate war is on the verge of ending. The question-and-answer period was an embarrassing gathering of poorly constructed opposition questions and oft-repeated, nagging self-goal slogans that were a source of great joy and glee for viewers and those on the government bench. .

Peter Dutton's legacy is a refugee nightmare

Over the course of two weeks, Dutton chose to hold the government accountable for only ten vague questions in the first six. CFMMEUone on cashless debit cards and, oddly enough, five questions about Labor’s pledges on energy were about a year too early to prove whether Labor delivered on its election promises.

It was the only time I saw the Union ahead of its time.

The opposition leader, seemingly forgetting that he is no longer Speaker of the House of Commons, has repeatedly stood up to keep order on his “relevance” to parliament. speakerand hastily, the question of the opposition and “Dorothy DixersHouse opposition business leader, Paul Fletcherspent most of his question time rippling through his little greenery Book Dare to catch up.

He seems to be most annoyed with Dorothy Dixer in the government, through the chairman, defendant Prime Minister “…an unstructured sled on this side of the house”.

It is as if opposition business leaders were the first to discover the Westminster regime.

The government certainly had fun, but perhaps the second of the two weeks was more fun.

In addition, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) letter Dawson’s former LNP MP, George Christensen, has been exposed for years fighting hard to keep a secret. The letter revealed that AFP had written to Dutton on June 25, 2018, advising the then Home Secretary whom they assessed. “We met and reported” Christensen “Potential Risk of Infringement” He exposed himself on extensive trips to Southeast Asia. AFP said no criminal activity had been identified.

Dutton said, “grilledDespite Hadley’s interview, Dutton forgot to mention that June’s AFP letter did not deter him from campaigning for Christensen.

Four months after receiving the AFP letter, Dutton told the good people of Townsville how good Christensen was.

Finally, the two weeks came to an end with the passage of the government’s Executive Order. climate change bill Passed, Liberal MP bridget archer It passed the floor with a final vote of 89 in favor and 55 against.

Other than that, things are going according to the new opposition leader’s plan.

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Dutton’s start as opposition leader

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