Dwayne Johnson TV Show Stopped by Queensland Ambulance

Only Queensland ambulances can stop the Hollywood legend “The Rock” on his truck.

Filming a Queensland-based television series based on Dwayne’s “The Rock” Johnson’s life ran on a side street in Strathpine in northern Brisbane on Tuesday.

NBC Production Young rock It is based on the formation of Hollywood’s highest-paying actors and was filmed in southeastern Queensland.

Young rockI had to stop shooting at. Photo: Chris Delmas / AFP “width =” 1024 “height =” 768 “class =” tge-imagecaption_img “/>
Young rockThe formation of US actor Dwayne Johnson, shot at Strathpine on Wednesday, had to be stopped in order for Queensland ambulances to be able to gather patients. Photo: Chris Delmas / AFP

A representative of the Moreton Bay Regional Council door-knocked all homes in the area to warn that access to the area could be restricted when the camera was spinning.

Only one concern was raised when the woman said she had booked an ambulance for a hospital appointment on Wednesday afternoon.

“They agreed to stop production again when the ambulance picked her up, and when it dropped her,” an MBCC representative told NCA NewsWire.

Australian actor Uli Latukefu plays Dwayne’The Rock’Johnson from the ages of 18 to 20 when hired to play American football at the University of Miami.

The 11-part comedy tracks Johnson’s childhood life, his growing up, and his candidacy for president.

ニュージーランドの俳優、ステイシーレイルアは、ドウェイン「ザロック」ジョンソンの形成期に基づいたコメディシリーズである<i>Young rock</ i>I posted a photo of the gift I received before I started shooting. Photo: Stacey Leilua (Instagram) “width =” 1024 “height =” 768 “class =” tge-imagecaption_img “/><meta itemprop=
media_cameraNew Zealand actor Stacy Leilua posted a photo of the gift she received before the shoot began.
Young rock, A comedy series based on the formation of Dwayne’The Rock’Johnson. Photo: Stacey Leilua (Instagram)

New Zealand actor Stacey Raila was cast as Johnson’s mother, Ata Johnson, and posted a photo of the gift sent to all cast members to commemorate the start of the production on Instagram.

She writes: “Blessings from the top when starting the next phase of # youngrock’s journey this week”, a photo of a bottle of telemanate tequila and a note from “The Rock”.

“Congratulations on Stacy, Young Rock production,” the memo read.

“Enjoy Telemana. Many positive and grateful feelings will be sent to your path.

Cheers, DJ. “

Shooting was scheduled to take place between Dobson Drive and Fox Street between 2pm and 6pm along Bells Pocket Road in Strathpine, but was extended to 9pm due to bad weather.

Production is scheduled to move to Coupaloo on Wednesday.

モートンベイ市長のピーターフランネリーは、この地域は<i>Young rock</ i>It is said that it is becoming more popular with production companies because it is one of the cheapest places for crew to shoot, exempt from the shooting fee. “width =” 1024 “height =” 768 “class =” tge-imagecaption_img “/><meta itemprop=
media_cameraMoreton Bay Mayor Peter Frankl says the area is becoming more popular with production companies. This is because it is one of the cheapest places for crew to shoot without a shooting fee.
Young rock..

Moreton Bay Mayor Peter Frankl said the area is significantly cheaper than the Gold Coast and has become very popular with production companies due to the recent number of television commercials.

“We deployed the red carpet for this production. It spins the application at super-fast speeds, exempts shooting fees, and lets staff know what’s going on by helping Straspine’s Doorknock residents I got it, “he told NCA NewsWire. ..

“Why can’t we seduce some A-listers from the Gold Coast and Sydney in our glittering coastline and stunning hinterland?

“We are already the first choice for many national and international brands to shoot ads, but we want some of that Hollywood’s dazzling brilliance.

“I hope that today’s shoot will generate box office revenue for future shoot success.”

First released when the ambulance stopped filming “The Rock”

Dwayne Johnson TV Show Stopped by Queensland Ambulance

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