Edithvale is a ‘German dream’: My father bought a waterfront rental and after 7 years made over $1 million in profit

Marco Kuchenmeister with his son Ollie and dog Sammi. Marco sold his home in Edithvale on Saturday.Photo: Wayne Taylor

Marco Kuchenmeister first looked for a gorgeous home in Edithvale after living in Rosebud for a year.

He said he was looking for something close to his work at Clayton and “always wanted something close to water.”

“It’s an absolute dream for Germans,” said Kuchenmeister.

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The two-story Edith Bale home garnered a massive premium on Saturday.

It features a chic kitchen with stone benches and Bosch appliances.

real estate auction

Seller Marco Kuchenmeister, his son Ollie, and his dog Sami outside the upstairs living room where the auction took place. Photo: Wayne Taylor.

According to CoreLogic, he’s lived in the house for the past 20 years and raised his two children there.

At Saturday’s big auction, the home sold under the hammer for $2.631 billion.

OBrien Real Estate Chelsea agent Kimberley Ferguson said about 100 spectators attended the auction, which was held in the living room on the second floor.

She said 110 bids were placed in just 17 minutes, with bids starting at $2 million.

Bids were incremented by $25,000 from there before it was brought to market for $2.5 million.

A couple looking for the perfect vacation home to share with their children and grandchildren won a bid of $2,631,000.

Ferguson said the couple missed an opportunity to purchase a home in Chelsea last year, but are determined to secure the home.

“Most of the bidders on this[property]were seasoned buyers and knew the auction process,” said the agent.

She added that the buyer liked the view from the residence.

Unobstructed views from the balcony.

One of four spacious bedrooms.

Second ground floor living space.

Kuchenmeister also appreciated the view, saying he didn’t want to sell it, but said he was downsizing because his kids were grown.

“It’s my children’s home,” he said.

“Every day in that house is monumental…when you look out the window, you don’t need a TV.”

He added that Edithvale Beach, which is directly in front of the house, is “one of the best beaches in the world.”

“We get the most beautiful sunsets every day. My dog ​​(Sammi) loves the beach and has many friends there.”

The two-story pad features an open-plan living and dining area, four bedrooms, a kitchen with stone benchtops and Bosch appliances, and two stylish bathrooms.

About 80 groups visited the house during the campaign.

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Edithvale is a ‘German dream’: My father bought a waterfront rental and after 7 years made over $1 million in profit

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