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The ceasefire between Israel and Gaza appears to be in place for the first hour, but the IDF said it will continue to enforce special security instructions for residents in areas near the Gaza Strip for now. rice field.

In an official statement, Israel confirmed that it would cease fighting Islamic jihadist terrorist groups in Gaza at 11:30 p.m. He threatened to counterattack.

The statement from the head of the Public Diplomacy Service outside Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s office marked a major shift for Israel, which has never officially confirmed a ceasefire with Gaza’s terrorist groups. , has traditionally divulged confirmations through unnamed sources in order to maintain a thin pretense that it did not negotiate with terrorists.

The statement thanked Egypt for its efforts to end the fighting after four days.

“If the ceasefire is broken, Israel reserves the right to respond forcefully,” the statement read. “We will not allow any party to interfere with the daily life of the people of Israel.”

The UN envoy said international organizations were “intensively committed” to helping Israel and the Islamic Jihad reach an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire.As part of the ceasefire negotiations, Toh Wensland, the UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, said a UN team would visit both PIJ prisoner Bassam al-Saadi and starvation-stricken Khalil al-Awauda. senior Middle East diplomat said Age of Israel.

“We underscore our commitment to doing all we can to end the ongoing escalation, ensure the safety and security of civilians, and track the Palestinian prisoner files,” Wensland said in a statement. rice field. “I will continue to work with all parties to mitigate the situation with urgency.”

The final moments before the ceasefire saw a heavy rocket barrage and an Israeli attack on Gaza.

Rocket sirens continued to sound in towns in southern Israel 10 minutes before the ceasefire began. Witnesses say they saw numerous interceptions by the Iron Dome air defense system in the area.

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Egypt-brokered ceasefire ends fighting – Australian Jewish News

Source link Egypt-brokered ceasefire ends fighting – Australian Jewish News

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