Ellen DeGeneres’ cold reaction to Anne Heche’s car crash

Ellen DeGeneres has reacted to the health of ex-girlfriend Anne Heche after a reported 140km/h car crash in Los Angeles last week.

Horror Crash saw the actress pulled from her car after it burst into flames after crashing into her house. fox news report.

When asked if she had spoken to Heche since then incident Last weekend, the 64-year-old former talk show host said: We don’t keep in touch with each other, so I don’t know. ”

When asked if she wanted to send the actress any wishes, DeGeneres simply said, “Of course,” as she walked into the convertible.

DeGeneres also “certainly” agreed that it was a “dangerous accident” that happened almost a week ago in LA.

Heche, 53, is now in “extremely dangerous condition” at a medical center after clashes in Vista in March, when his home was destroyed and a woman and her dog were forced from their home.

“She has severe lung injuries requiring a ventilator and burns requiring surgical intervention,” a Heche representative said. “She is in a coma and she has not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident.”

In 2000, just hours after ending his three-year relationship with DeGeneres, Heche suffered a public collapse When he was found wandering the desert with his car parked on the highway at a stranger’s house in Cantua Creek, Fresno County.

Authorities responded to the home of the resident concerned and Heche was taken to hospital after officials at the scene determined he had a serious medical problem.

“She started telling me that she was a god and that she was going to take everyone back to heaven in some kind of spacecraft,” a Fresno agent wrote in a report at the time.

A year later, Heche admitted to Larry King that he was “stricken with ecstasy” when he got out of the car, adding: I was waiting for my spaceship. ”

she said 6 pages Last year, not just a failed relationship Blacklisted her from Hollywoodwhich also “cancelled” her from the entertainment industry for ten years.

“I hadn’t done studio photography in ten years,” she said of the fallout. “I was fired from a $10 million photography contract and never saw the light of day in studio photography.”

Crash investigation underway

A witness to Heche’s terrifying crash told TMZ that he tried to help the actress get out of the car before Heche hit the garage door. ignited the fire that engulfed the

On Monday, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to Fox News Digital that authorities obtained a warrant for Heche’s blood sample on Aug. 5.

Blood test results are pending and an investigation is ongoing. Los Angeles Police Department officials have confirmed that Heche will be charged with a DUI hit-and-run charge if it is found that he was intoxicated during the accident.

Eyewitness Lynn Bernstein called the crash “horrifying” and said he “almost couldn’t breathe” when he tried to rescue Heche from the blue Mini Cooper he was driving.

“The smoke got so intense that I couldn’t breathe,” Bernstein said. “The smoke obscured my visibility.”

Heche had burns and was “conscious and breathing” when he was removed from the car and placed on a stretcher.

The crash “frightened the whole neighborhood,” Yaroslav Borets told Fox News Digital. “What we will remember for a long time.”

Lynn Michelle, the owner of the house where Heche crashed, was at home at the time and “just escaped physical harm” after the fire started. We raised USD (63,000 AUD).

This story was originally fox news Republished here with permission

first published as Ellen’s cold reaction to ex Anne Heche’s terrifying car crash

Ellen DeGeneres’ cold reaction to Anne Heche’s car crash

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