Ellie and Fraser are single and first kiss

Fraser received Erie’s first single date and the first kiss of the season Single It was hung 270 meters above tonight.

The physical chemistry between Ellie and Fraser was firmly established last week with their one-on-one photography. Eager to explore if it could be a little deeper, Erie invited Fraser to the Blue Mountains to ride the scenic Skyway.

Fraser and Erie were then harnessed and dropped onto a “love seat,” hanging on a cable car and hanging a bottle of champagne with a gorgeous view of the Jamison Valley.

“We’re not nervous, we’re not nervous, we’re not nervous,” Fraser reiterated when he put on his helmet. “I’m definitely crushing bricks,” he admitted to the camera. Meanwhile, Erie declared her “excited.”

But on the swing, he was comfortable enough to play champagne and talk about his feelings. “This is the best date I’ve ever been to,” he said. “Maybe I’m here tonight. Let’s see if we can drop the supper!” He laughed.

They held hands and talked about the eve before going to the first very beautiful kiss! “That was pretty good,” Fraser offered shortly after.

When they sat together and everything was dressed up and safely sitting on the ground, Fraser said he was looking to Erie to recreate the lifelong love of her parents, find deep love and start a family including dogs. Told. Ellie replied kindly, praising her already fulfilling life and saying she was looking for someone to be her best companion.

Ellie admitted that Fraser was straining her, and Fraser suggested she did his “heart race” today — a combination of her and swing anyway. “I’m attracted to you. I think I can feel something, and that doesn’t happen really often to me,” she said before offering him a rose.

She spewed into the camera as she felt an unusual connection with him, but was wary of getting hooked after the first single date: “We’ll be something really great I feel I can do it! Exciting. ”

Can you see the early front runner Fraser at the end of Single??

Single It will be broadcast on Network 10 from Wednesday to Thursday. Join the Facebook group Pass the Popcorn and talk about all about reality TV.

Ellie and Fraser are single and first kiss

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