English Country Cricket Shakeup Rooms

England’s domestic cricket could see a big change if the county voted through a proposal to create a six-team top division and reduce the amount of games played across the format.

Former England Test captain Andrew Strauss has overseen the England and Wales Cricket Commission’s High Performance Review for the past six months.

The review produced 17 recommendations, 15 of which fall within the ECB’s mandate and have already received the necessary support. Two key proposals involve a major reorganization of the county calendar and require the support of at least 12 of the 18 top counties to proceed.

Strauss’ committee cuts the number of games per team in the County Championship from 14 to 10, puts six teams in the top division above two secondary conferences, and makes playoffs for promotion once a year. advocating that.

This four-day format will play games more evenly throughout the season, rather than the current model where games are tightly packed at the beginning and end of the campaign.

The Blast, a Twenty20 tournament and popular bounty hunter in several counties, has also been cut from 14 group games to 10, and the 50-over Royal London Cup has been moved to April as the knockout tournament to kick off .

The overall reduction in days is intended to create more time for rest, coaching and analysis, creating more intense competition.

For many players who feel the 2022 model is an unsatisfying jumble of tournaments and formats, it will likely work, but the financial implications are clearly at stake.

Fewer matches means less income not just at the gate, but also between memberships, and they actually see less cricket for their money.

Strauss, whose mission is to make England the best cross-format team in the world within five years, believes “maintaining the status quo is not an option”.

“Everyone in the game is telling us this. We listened. We must act now,” Strauss said.

“Honestly, I feel that this set of proposals could make a huge difference to the game. It is for

“We could still do a lot without the last two recommendations, but it’s a good show of the difficult decisions we need to make as a game and how seriously we are committed to achieving this ambition.” I think it’s an example.”

Strauss said he wants a “coherent schedule.”

“The answer to quality is not quantity. Higher standards and more intense redball competition is great for members, players, ground staff and coaches. We need to understand that quantity is not everything,” he said. said. .

English Country Cricket Shakeup Rooms

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