ENTIRE Hair Transplant Surgery Video – Beginning to End

One of the biggest myths in the hair-transplant industry is that “with just one procedure a full and complete result can be achieved”. That’s only true if you haven’t yet lost much hair, but if you’re close to being completely bald on the top of your head like I was when I had my first hair-transplant then you will need at least two procedures with ANY surgeon to have a “full” looking result. Only so much tissue and hair can be moved in one procedure.

One of the problems with FUE is that it damages much of your potential donor area when you have a large FUE procedure. With FUT though you can have multiple FUT surgeries, and then even have FUE surgeries as well in the future if you’re in need of touch up work, or need to fill in any other areas.

This was my third FUT procedure, and other than some minor touch-up work will probably be the last surgery that I have for a while.

Fortunately the surgery process when done with a doctor like Daniel McGrath is quite a pleasant and even relaxing experience. I would actually look forward to going through the process as his staff treats you like a celebrity, and takes amazing care of you.

Watch my entire hair journey in one playlist:

You can set up an appointment to speak to Dr. McGrath directly at

If you’r struggling with hair loss and considering a hair transplant I highly suggest you call my friend Steve Cook. He can help you find the best hair solution to suit your needs, and give you a list of the best available options. Steve is a great wealth of information , and he’s the most knowledgable and honest person I’ve met in the hair restoration business. You’ll learn a ton when you speak with him.

Steve Cook:
Mobile phone: +1 (305) 416-8418

Many celebrities including allegedly Adam Levine, Al Pacino, Edward Norton, Matthew Mcconaughey, John Travolta, Jude Law, Kevin Kostner, Jon Cryer, Tom Hanks, Chris Martin, Jeremy Piven, Billy Bob Thornton, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage, Mickey Rourke, Jamie Foxx, Joey Fatone, Steve Carell, Sean Penn, Bono, Ben Affleck, and many more have had hair transplants. It’s becoming quite common among men, but very few artists admit it.

A lot of my fans have asked how I was able to restore my hair so I’ve decided to make this video series to document the process. …Steve Cook helped take me through the entire process of getting a hair transplant, and answered every question I had. He made it a really easy and enjoyable process. If you’re losing your hair I want to show you that getting your hair back is easy and doable. I’m sure Steve can definitely help you find the doctor best suited to your needs and location. I only wish I’d done it sooner.

Here’s a link to the hair concealer/thickener I use that I really like. I’m NOT using it in this video, but I’ve used it in many of my other recent uploads. It’s way better than the shake-on kinds. I’ve had so many guys email me thanking me for introducing them to this product

PS: I don’t use Minoxidil or Finasteride. There are too many negative side effects from both. The only thing I use to maintain my hair is a laser hat. I use one every other day, and I highly recommend that all guys buy one as they are FDA approved and scientifically PROVEN to help strengthen your hair, maintain it, and in many cases even re-grow it. The best part is that there are no negative side effects, only an upside. Here’s the hat I personally use, and thanks to my recent partnership with iRestore you get a $150 off coupon if you use this link:

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  1. I called Steve, the guy in the notes, and he actually picked up the phone and spent 20 minutes educating me. He gave me the best information I have received and that includes a couple of doctors. Call him.

  2. The national colours of Jamaica are gold, black and green sir. What you spoke of were Rastafarian colours.

  3. How does he do it???? I don’t have money for surgery but I would love longer eyelashes . Can I do it myself at home???

  4. You think if enough men do this and change their natural hair loss to hair growth that evolution will eventually cause men to stop losing hair since were making it a necessary trait by putting it back?

  5. He said "I'm gonna leave you essentially scarless" yet in your other video you say your gonna get a scar no matter what

  6. Thought I'd answer a couple of questions that recur in the comments sections of a lot of these hair transplant videos:
    1. How much is the cost per graft. I'm only going to consider FUE transplants as FUT is dated and out-of-favor.

    It really depends on where you get it done. In North America, it costs upwards of $4 per graft. However, there are VERY good clinics in Turkey and India that can cost at little as 15 cents per graft, up to $3. My hair transplant for my hairline was performed by Eugenix hair sciences, New Delhi, one of the best hair restoration clinics in the country and world, and cost Rs. 75 (US $1) per graft. I only needed 350 to fill in my temples so the total cost was $350.

    2. Do you have to go in for a hair transplant soon after? After how long?

    It depends on the rate of balding. I was 25 and at NW 1.5. with 1mg of finasteride 3 times a week, Dr Bansal says I may CONSIDER a follow up procedure in 7-10 YEARS. That's a pretty sweet deal.l for $350.

    IMHO, if you're suffering from male pattern baldness, hop on the fin/dutasteride under a doctors supervision, then follow up with a hair transplant in 8 months. That's what I did and I've been very happy since.

    3. Can you use body hair?

    Definitely. Imho, the hairline and temporal regions are the most important to keep looking natural as you normally grown the hairs in these regions longer than at the crown and the donor area. Settle for nothing less than scalp hair for the hairline, then consider beard->chest->arm hair to add density. However, your doctor should specialize in bht and have a low transection rate.

  7. Hair Transplant really is a life changer for most people… regaining confidence can be a huge thing

  8. Hey great videos! Would you be interested in collaborating on a video? My channel is ‘The Follicly Challenged’

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