Epidermal cyst of the cervical region

By Dr Jacques Labrèche Exeresis of an epidermal cyst in the cervical region Skin cysts are commonplace in the practice of any general practitioner. They are easily recognized: they are subcutaneous nodules, more or less voluminous, firm, which can be disseminated all over the body. They are often called sebaceous cysts. However, this term is incorrect, as the content of these cysts is most often keratin and not sebum. There are several forms of skin cysts, despite their similar appearance in the clinic. All these cysts are subcutaneous and create a more or less marked protuberance on the surface of the skin. They consist of an envelope (or shell) filled with a variable amount of whitish and often smelly substance. The envelope consists of a layer of epidermis facing the internal cavity of the cyst, with deeper layers extending out towards the periphery. It is in the composition of the deeper layers that the different kinds of cysts are distinguished. Source: Le Médecin du Québec, volume 40, number 2, February 2005.

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  1. J aime beaucoup mais trop de germe médicale plus facile à comprendre en anglais même si je ne suis pas bilingue

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  3. Une bonne leçon pour tous les bouchers plus que médecin qui pulullent sur youtube!

  4. This just freaked me out at first, so close to the carotid artery that I began praying it wasn't one of those butchers who cut and dig!
    Good job Dr.

  5. Great job doc was that a cyst or tumor could not tell. I bet the patient was happy 😃 plus she got a little face tux while removing it 😀

  6. I dig the technique. it's good to see someone do an extraction on YouTube with this heavy rushed feeling behind it. so zen

  7. I agree with C Robu completely! My first thought after watching this extraction was that it was done perfectly! I love the technique!

  8. This is a well trained surgeon doing the proper excision for an epidermoid inclusion cyst..  He is not working on a black head, which is a pore clogged with debris, you pop it and that's it.  Epidermal inclusion cysts have a "black" opening pore, but underneath is a cyst with a wall, containing the cheese like material that is fun to watch being squeezed out, but that is not the proper treatment for it.  Epidermoid cysts should be excised in the entirety to include the leading pore (what looks like a black head), and preferably without allowing the contents of the cyst to come out.  If not treated in this manner, these cysts (not black heads) are most likely to recur.  So he is not a butcher, he is someone who knows what he is dealing with and trained to treat it properly.

  9. A alguns dias estou vendo seus vídeos. São excelente, parabéns pelo profissionalismo. Pena que não entendo sua língua!!!

  10. Каменный век! Уродуют людей. Тайцы удаляют через маленькое отверстие капсулу. Позор!

  11. This is an epidermal or sebaceous cyst incl sack being removed from someone’s neck …I guess?

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