Erin Moran talks about 60 minutes of the horrifying moment that pushed her to the edge

Erin Moran reveals a horrifying moment when he believed that online trolls were invading her home to attack her unborn baby at 2 am after several days of barbaric abuse on social media. did.

She also opened an unpleasant message struck near her home after the tragedy of her still-living family.

Nine Sports Presenter shed tears in an interview with 60 minutes On Sunday, she elaborated on the horrifying messages sent in the days leading up to that moment.

She started an interview on a rugby league site saying she had endured online abuse for years, and she just got rid of it.

“Each one was either I was a woman, ugly, I had never played a game, I was in the kitchen, etc.,” she said.

“About the various footballers I’ve Dariented about, about the Channel 9 boss I must have slept with. It’s just vulgar.”

She claimed she was not a “snowflake” and said her attempts to blame victims of online abuse were “bullish.”

“I’m definitely not a snowflake,” she said.

“The other tens of thousands of Australians being abused online are not snowflakes. I’m very fed up with this victim and am ashamed of the bull ** t.

“There are many things I accept. There are some things I don’t accept, but that doesn’t make me a snowflake.”

But she said there was one message sent when she got pregnant with her daughter, which really surprised her.

“I hope you are stillborn, and you die in the process. HIP HIP HOORAY,” read the vulgar message.

She said the offensive message “really hurts” and took her to some “pretty dark places”-especially considering what happened to her sister.

“I had a stillborn sister and took a beautiful girl to maturity, Emily,” she said.

“And when I see her burying her child and standing up with a small casket and saying, Mummy loves you and I’m very sorry.

“Sit there and see my sister experience it meant that my pregnancy was always worried, so starting to receive such a message has a big impact on me. I gave it. “

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But it was a terrifying moment — when she was lying in the bed of her house — a few days later, kicking her off the edge.

“We were lying in bed and sleeping. It was like 1 or 2 am and it sounded like the windows were broken or someone was there,” she said. “It was just a big, big smash.

“And I thought he would come in, and he was trying to do what he was saying he was trying to do to my baby.”

She said the moment pushed a button in her mind.

“It was a kind of moment when I thought I couldn’t do this anymore,” she said. “So I went to the police and saw, they were great, but at first it wasn’t easy for the police to prosecute and take action because there weren’t enough messages, and they continued to come. “

60 minutes The man behind the campaign targeting Moran, the father of a young girl himself, reported that he was eventually charged by police and in a rare case where Troll was convicted.

However, he was only sentenced to a suspended sentence for his actions.

Molan argued that Facebook didn’t want to know how it works on its platform.

“I reported these messages to Facebook, but their reaction wasn’t considered offensive,” she said. “They aren’t doing their best and aren’t approaching.”

She wants to see the online trolls locked.

“This isn’t about celebrities. It’s not about politicians. It’s about all Australians because it affects all Australians,” she said. “The era of ignoring trolls is over. It’s time to prosecute trolls.”

She believes that legal reforms will change the culture surrounding online trolling.

“You have to change the whole conversation, the whole story, and say,’Hey, Johnny, if you’re going to troll, do you mind going to jail for three years?'” She said.

“‘Do you care about being on the first page of the paper and seeing your wife and your boss? You care about you being tied to your account and never getting another job. Is it a paper?

“‘Do you care about the kids seeing this five years after their dad is full of holes, bullying someone and killing them? Do you care, Johnny?”

“Yes, because then Johnny sees the true consequences of his actions. Then Johnny thinks twice about sending something. Then Johnny stops.”

Comments made on 2GB earlier this year spotlighted Molan.

During an on-air conversation about the player name Continuous call Moran, co-sponsor of Darryl Broman and Marc Levy, states that “water gisel, water gisel, water gisel, water gisel”.

Moran’s comment quickly sparked widespread backlash among the NRL community as past and present players blamed her for appearing to mock the Pacific Islands name.

However, Moran counterattacked and was announced this week suing the Daily Mail Australia for alleging that she portrayed her as a “racist” and a “privileged white woman.”

Moran says he referred to the previous story told at the show and denied ridiculing the Polynesian name.

In a statement provided to, the Daily Mail Australia “strongly defends the proceedings” and will soon file a defense in accordance with court rules.

Former Brisbane Broncos coach Anthony Saybold with Moran 60 minutes About Vitriol directed to his path.

Saybold was the target of an ugly slander campaign, where he filed official complaints with police and charged those responsible for spreading sneaky rumors about him.

The ugly campaign ended with Saybold leaving Broncos’ role as a coach, and he says it ruined his reputation.

“My situation was talked about on social media and slanderous comments, and my reputation was ruined in many ways,” he tells Steinfort.

“The last message on social media was probably the one that upset me the most because I was talking about my daughter.”

— With James McKern

Place of originErin Moran talks about 60 minutes of the horrifying moment that pushed her to the edge

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