“Euro Beach Chic” bar proposed to Bondi

The petition describes the club as “a commercial initiative to revive Bondi Beach, support local businesses and boost the morale of the COVID-19 post-crisis community that destroyed the local economy.”

“Overseas travel this summer is restricted. Those who may have stayed at regular European beach hotspots in the winter will spend a year in Australia instead to help the local economy.

The exclusive club is modeled on a similar venue that is popular along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. credit:iStock

“But don’t worry, the brave Sydney locals bring’Euro Beach Chic’to them.”

The plan was inspired not only by clubs in seaside towns along the Amalfi Coast and Capri in Italy, but also in other popular European destinations such as Mykonos in Greece and Saint-Tropez in France, the online petition said. Stated.

“In addition to celebrating amazing Bondi Beach in a new, vibrant and sophisticated way that will help rebuild its international reputation in the post-COVID-19 world, Amalfi Beach Club will generate revenue for local businesses. Will be an important accessory for. “”


A Waverly Council spokesman removed part of the beach from public use for an extended period of time because executives believed it was “inappropriate in accordance with the Council’s policies and for the benefit of our community.” He said he rejected the first proposal to do so.

“Our beaches and parks are public open spaces that everyone can enjoy.”

A spokeswoman said the reason for canceling the proposal was that the council’s policy did not support peak sandy beach events from December to January, and that local beaches and parks were alcohol-free zones. Said that it included the fact that drinking and swimming could be mixed safety risks.

The proposal sparked criticism from Greens politicians, who opposed the privatization of public land in a statement, “never allowing ropes to tie parts of the beach for only a few wealthy people. No, “he said.

Dominique Wai Canak, a councilor at Waverly Greens, said:

“No part of Bondi Beach should be an exclusive playground for the elite and the rich. We do not allow the beach to be sold.”

Megan Gorrey is an Urban Affairs Reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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