Europe faces a dilemma for Russians fleeing Putin’s draft

The European Union faces a tight balance over how to deal with Russians fleeing military mobilization, with some countries seeking to block entry and others offering the possibility of evacuation. is doing.

As President Vladimir Putin’s order Wednesday called in hundreds of thousands to fight in Ukraine, he sent hordes of Russian men in haste in search of an exit to avoid going to the front lines. Looked.

So far, the numbers coming to the EU look modest. Because the EU had already cut travel from Russia by banning direct flights and tightening visa rules in the wake of Ukraine’s aggression.

However, despite its small scale, the issue has sparked controversy in Brussels.

“Many Russians fleeing Russia for mobilization were willing to kill Ukrainians.

Estonia’s Interior Minister Lauri Rahnemets told local media that deserters should not be protected.

On Friday, Finland suggested it was following the same path by announcing that it would “significantly restrict the entry of Russian citizens” after an increase in arrivals following President Putin’s order.

Germany, by contrast, suggested on Thursday that it may be ready to accept Russians fleeing conscription.

“Anyone who has the courage to oppose the Putin regime and is at great risk thereby can apply for asylum on grounds of political persecution,” she said.

The EU’s executive body, the European Commission, said on Friday it was “monitoring” the situation as it asked its 27 member states to issue guidelines on how to deal with arrivals.

In March, the EU reached a landmark deal opening the door to millions of Ukrainians, mostly women, children and the elderly, fleeing Russian aggression.

European diplomats have warned that coming up with a common approach would be difficult, and the European Commission appears reluctant to get involved unless arrivals surge.

European law guarantees the right to claim asylum for those arriving on the block. However, it is not automatically allowed, especially if it poses a security risk.

When looking at the current situation from a security perspective, these geopolitical concerns and security risks must also be taken into account. “

first published as Europe faces a dilemma for Russians fleeing Putin’s draft

Europe faces a dilemma for Russians fleeing Putin’s draft

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