Experts Say New Balance Sneakers Are Good Now

Reebok, a major sports shoe company, is increasing its sales share mainly in all-white shoes.

“In Australia and New Zealand, we are seeing an overwhelming desire for clean, stripped-down silhouettes that stay true to the brand’s heritage,” said Ash Sampson, Brand Director, Reebok Pacific.

paparazzi pictures euphoria Actor Sydney Sweeney, supermodel Gigi Hadid, singers Joe Jonas and Emily Ratajkowski drove demand for Reebok’s all-white classic leather style and Club C85 silhouette when it launched in 1983.

“Coming in the spring, Reebok will focus on the Classic Leather franchise,” says Sampson. “Consumers are choosing comfort over glamour, but that is changing these days.”

Sydney-based entrepreneur Parag Sawant launched sneaker brand Monochrome in 2019 and is relying on the continued success of her immaculate style. Seeing the success of the minimalist design of the brand Common Projects, Sawant started manufacturing sneakers in Italy for the Australian market.

“We were trying to find something more in tune with the Australian lifestyle,” says Sawant. “It had to be understated and less flashy. Brands like Givenchy and Saint Laurent made luxury sneakers, but they were more flashy.

“I wanted something sophisticated that wasn’t a pair of Vans.”

Monochrome sells a white-on-white sneaker for $435, but the most successful style has plain white leather layered over a pale gray full rubber sole.

“It still has that premium look that people want.

Good news for those looking for sneakers that can be worn outside instead of being traded in new in a box.


“The next big trend is the great outdoors, traditional brands like Salomon are crushing it with their designs, and Parisian shows like Dior are inextricably linked to the outdoors.”

This spring, your choices are the updated Dad sneaker, basic white in technicolor style, or a mountaineering motif. If you choose something else for this spring, you can wear chisel-toed black lace-ups or nude high heels.

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Experts Say New Balance Sneakers Are Good Now

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