F1 world reacts to McLaren sacking Daniel Ricciardo: ‘I did something dirty’

Daniel Ricciardo may be well outside the top 10 in F1 driver rankings, but he remains one of the most popular figures in F1.

and the army of his supporters went full force After revealing McLaren will replace young Australian driver Oscar Piastri next season Despite Ricciardo signing for 2023.

The 33-year-old’s career has been on a somewhat downward spiral since his days passing Sebastian Vettel and regularly challenging Max Verstappen at Red Bull. But no one wants to see it end like this.

ESPN’s Nate Sanders reports that four teams recently approached Ricciardo to ‘let’s see where his head is’, blaming McLaren for its treatment of the Australian.

“The way Brawn and McLaren have treated Ricciardo over the past six months is a very poor reflection,” Sanders wrote. “Ricciardo, the only McLaren driver to win a Formula 1 race since 2012, was the first to admit his performance fell short of the standards set by Red Bull and Renault, but it seems as though he has been made a scapegoat. To distract from the team’s deeper issues.”

He wasn’t the only one to welcome the Australian class to the turbulent season.

Tom Gaymore said on Twitter: “Amidst all the commotion and pressure, I have to commend Ricciardo for his grace and professionalism over the last few months.” and I hope he continues to do it his way with a smile on his face.

However, some take a different view, believing that Ricciardo is a used force and that his replacement is part of F1’s tougher nature.

“Ricciardo is getting a taste of his medicine when he left Renault for McLaren. This is proof that it wasn’t the right move for him,” Sahil Mohan Gupta tweeted. “If he doesn’t leave F1, he will probably go to Alpine. Crazy.”

“I have always been a Ricciardo fan, can you blame McLaren?” added Ganon Burgett. “They are paying him butt for a driver who has only scored his 20% of the team’s points so far.”

“Don’t take him back to Alpine!” Tiff Needell tweeted. “I love Daniel, but he’s been in F1 for 12 years and has millions in the bank and there’s so much more motorsport he can do. So give other people a chance! ”

Events have changed quickly this week, but with McLaren likely to face a challenge over poaching Piastri from Alpine, it could be a long time before Ricciardo’s future settles.

The Western Australian native can spend a year with McLaren’s IndyCar team and either get a deal confirmed or be paid to join another team. If Piastri can leave, the team could even become Alpine.

Who is Oscar Piastri?

Born in Melbourne, Piastri won the Formula Renault Eurocup title in 2019, taking seven wins before joining Alpine’s academy.

He carried that form into the 2020 Formula 3 series, winning the opening race on his debut and having the guts to clinch the title by three points in one of the tightest championships to date. rice field.

The following year he joined the Formula 2 grid and made a clear announcement that he had arrived on the world stage with six wins, becoming the third rookie champion after Charles Leclerc (2017) and George Russell (2018). I was. Both are currently in F1.

Despite his rapid rise, Piastri’s drive in F1 has been overlooked this season due to the lack of seats available.

He is managed by fellow Australian and nine-time F1 race winner Mark Webber. “Does he deserve to be in F1? Of course we all know that,” says Webber. “It’s not a question of if, but when.”

The Piastri family says their father, Chris, told the Sydney Morning Herald that “Oscar’s bedtime stories were largely automotive books,” and they are “gasoline heads.”

He started racing remote control cars at age six and graduated to become a go-kart pilot by age nine.

“I think he has the determination, the ability and the intelligence,” his mother Nicole told The Age earlier this year about her son’s move to F1.

“I think he has everything he needs to get there and do a good job, but that’s just one very small factor.

“There are a lot of other things that go into getting a seat in F1, like politics, money and seat availability.”

Chris Piastri says Webber’s involvement in Formula 3 and beyond is key to helping his son reach his goals, opening doors for funding and sponsorships to help cover the costs associated with rising costs as a racing driver Did.

“We all know Mark,” he said. “At that point, he took over the reins and started dealing with the team and managing the Oscars to increase the team’s visibility.”

Webber said it was an “easy thing” to help. “Especially in the F1 paddock it’s pretty hard to please them, so it’s hard to get their attention,” he said.

“But there aren’t many people who haven’t mentioned him to me. How impressed they are with him, what he does, the path he takes.”

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first published as F1 world reacts to McLaren sacking Daniel Ricciardo: ‘I did something dirty’

F1 world reacts to McLaren sacking Daniel Ricciardo: ‘I did something dirty’

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