Face ID may be getting speed boost on iPhone 12

It’s iPhone 12’s launch week, which means we’re seeing a rush of leaks and rumors hitting the internet. And one of the big updates coming to new phones seems to be a significant improvement in the speed and accuracy of Apple’s Face ID sensor.

Improved Face ID on iPhone 12

As Macrumors reports, a series of tweets from Leaker Max Weinbech (@PineLeaks) will feature some key features of camera components that will be announced as part of Apple’s October launch event this week. Explains in detail about.

Apple was reportedly considering a complete redesign of the TrueDepth Camera system to enable faster and more accurate facial recognition, but instead used software solutions, especially dynamic zoning algorithms. Allows for faster unlocking and verification.

If some hardware reconfiguration turns out to be the smallest member of the iPhone 12 family, it’s the model most people call the iPhone 12 Mini before its launch Wednesday morning. This may result in redesigned modules due to the small screen size. Compatible with existing Face ID sensors.

Weinbech also points out potential improvements in digital zoom by leveraging a system of hybrid optical zoom and digital zoom. I’ve seen 10x zoom on my Android phone for years and it’s okay. It’s Apple for you.

Only Tim Cook really knows if this rumor is legal. But early Wednesday morning, we can see that Apple uncovered the new iPhone 12 series.

Want to see the iPhone 12 coming out? Here’s what you need to know to catch every minute of action here in Australia:

Face ID may be getting speed boost on iPhone 12

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