Facebook, Twitter restrict access to Hunter Biden New York Post Story Link

“For the time being, we are reducing distribution on the platform.”

Twitter users click the link to Position The story has received a warning that the content may be “spam or insecure”.

Twitter’s policy on hacked material states, “Use of services to directly distribute content obtained through hacking, including personal information, potentially endangering or endangering people, or containing corporate secrets. Is not allowed. “

US intelligence has concluded that the Kremlin is trying to slander Biden for the November 3 presidential election. New York post The email reported that it was obtained by Rudy Giuliani, a longtime Trump attorney and former New York City Mayor.

The Biden campaign said in a statement: New York post I have never asked the Biden campaign about the key elements of this story. They certainly never raise that Rudy Giuliani, whose untrustworthy conspiracy theory and alliance with persons related to Russian intelligence are widely reported, claimed to have such material. It was. In addition, we reviewed Joe Biden’s official schedule from that time and there were no meetings. New York post, What happened so far. “


The Biden campaign added that multiple investigations by the media and the Parliamentary Commission “all came to the same conclusion: Joe Biden implemented official US policy against Ukraine and was not involved in fraud.”

Republican Senator Josh Hawley has accused Facebook of censoring harmful news about Biden within three weeks of the November 3 elections.

“The selective nature of this public intervention suggests a prejudice on the part of Facebook,” Hurley wrote in a letter to the company.

“And your efforts to curb the distribution of content that reveals potential unethical activity by presidential candidates raises some additional questions.

The most prominent American media, other than Fox News, has little or no coverage. Position This is in contrast to the story since it broke, the consistent focus on Hillary Clinton’s email during the 2016 campaign.

In one of the 2015 emails, Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Ukrainian gas giant Brisma, introduced his father, then Vice President of Barack Obama, during his trip to Washington. I seem to be grateful to Hunter Biden.

The Biden campaign has challenged such a meeting, but has not questioned the authenticity of the email.

Democrats impeached last year that President Donald Trump’s attempt to pressure Ukraine to publish an investigation into Biden’s commerce was an abuse of power.


Social media companies have long been operating in a legal area separate from traditional news publishers who monitor their own content.

However, the impact of foreign disinformation that spread to Silicon Valley-based platforms in the 2016 election has put pressure on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to tackle the problem in an ad hoc way, sometimes.

Proceedings against what Murdoch owns New York post There is growing scrutiny of the role of the Medes in democratic politics.

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd calling for the Royal Commission on News Corp’s influence on Australian politics.

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