Families of Uber Eats users launch compensation war

The transport union has launched legal proceedings to compel NSW insurers to pay compensation for the deaths of two Uber Eats passengers who died in accidents while working on the streets of Sydney in 2020.

Under state law, an employee’s family is entitled to more than $860,000 if a loved one dies on the job, but most contractors, such as gig economy workers on platforms including Uber, usually excluded.

Bijoy Paul, a 27-year-old Uber Eats rider from Bangladesh, died in a road accident in 2020.

New South Wales workers’ compensation agency iCare has denied a claim for compensation from Sim Paul, the sister of the late Ryder. Bijoy PaulRyder’s Widow, Nyoman Sunatri Dede Freddy, May. Both families received small but still substantial payments from Chubb, Uber’s insurance company.

On Wednesday, the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) filed a claim with the NSW Personal Injury Board challenging these decisions by iCare, arguing that both died in an accident while employed at Uber. Although it referred to the nature of their employment and the degree of control Uber had over them, the company has consistently defended its contractor hiring model, which has previously been upheld by courts. It points to the flexibility riders get in the approach.

Sim Paul said his family is still suffering from his brother’s death. “Bijoy was the only son of my parents and worked to provide for the family,” she said in a statement through the union. and deserves justice.”

Sunatri was overseas and could not be reached. A spokeswoman for iCare declined to comment, citing confidentiality.

An Uber spokesperson expressed sympathy for the passengers’ families and confirmed that the insurance company had paid them. Uber won’t publicly answer questions about the value of these payments, but state policy with Chubb extends them up to $500,000 in the event of death. The highest amount at death was about $400,000.

“The safety of everyone using the Uber platform is fundamental,” said an Uber spokesperson, adding that the company accelerated the rollout of further road safety measures last year.

This June, a family of riders from Hungry Panda, another gig economy food delivery company, won the award. Landmark Death PayoutHowever, each company’s practice is different and the court will have to decide anew.

Families of Uber Eats users launch compensation war

Source link Families of Uber Eats users launch compensation war

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