Family cluster emerges on the outskirts of Melbourne

Six of Victoria’s new cases of coronavirus are associated with family outbreaks outside Melbourne, raising the risk of community infection.

The Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed that four cases are associated with a family cluster in the southeast of Melbourne and another two cases are associated with another family cluster in the north of Melbourne.

The outbreak at Box Hill Hospital increased to 11 cases after two more household contacts were positive for coronavirus on Monday.

Household contacts related to COVID-19 cases from Sunshine Hospital were also positive, but one of the 15 new cases on Monday was close contact with existing cases.

The other five cases are under investigation.

Of the 15 new cases on Monday, 4 occurred in Monash, 3 in Banyur and Hume, and 1 in Casey, Derbin, Melton, Moreland, and Stonington.

There were no new cases associated with the current outbreak at Chadstone Shopping Center or Odd Fellows Cafe in Kilmore.

This is because Melbourne’s 14-day virus average rose from 0.5 to 9.9 overnight, but the premiere said it could make a welcome announcement on Sunday.

“If we see this trend continue for the rest of the week and the trend isn’t that many additional mystery cases, there are some mitigations we can announce on Sunday,” he says. Said.

“It applies more broadly to social space than economic easing, but Victoria may be able to do more in that regard.

“Today is not the day of the announcement. It is certainly not only Sunday after hours of pondering the data, but also the story behind those incidents with the public health team and colleagues.”

Family cluster emerges on the outskirts of Melbourne

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