Family issues statement at William Tyrrell’s inquest

“When I officially grow up, I’ll be a police officer, especially a detective, and I’ll find my brother and won’t give up until he’s found,” the girl said.

“The day he disappeared, we lost everything. We lost my innocent brother. He needs to find now. Help our family, but above all I Find our precious William. “

William’s foster parents said the three-year-old was “cute walks and small walks” and his laughter was “infectious.”

“Our heart broke and was divided into millions,” he said.

His foster parent said it was a “nightmare” to go home from Kendall without William, and her arm “still hurts to this day to hug him.”

“Our world and the satisfying life we ​​knew have collapsed around us,” she said. “It’s hard to understand how the sun can keep shining.”

She said the “evil crime” remained unsolved, the perpetrators remained large, and they could perform “huge” acts against other children.

Foster parents mistakenly accused them of being involved in William’s disappearance, and their lives were “cruelly targeted” by a complete stranger who took pictures of them and their home, and even their daughter. “.

William’s foster parents described the attack as “shameful” and “catastrophic,” and said it “pushed our family to the core.”

Michelle Swift, a barrister representing William’s biological family, read a statement from the family when he sat next to William’s biological grandmother.

“We are sad, and we are sad for six years,” Swift said. “We are angry and frustrated and are seeking answers.”

Ms. Swift said William’s biological family had also been targeted and accused of throwing eggs into their homes.


“William’s father is never the same. William’s grandmother is never the same. Life will never be the same,” she said.

Investigator David Laidlaw said this week that he needed a “breakthrough” to resolve the case and that he would work hard to get it.

“The breakthrough in that information is what we really need,” Laidlaw said.

“On behalf of the strike force team, we tell both biological and foster families that we will do our best to resolve this issue, not for us. , Those. “

Anyone who provides information that will lead to William being found will be rewarded with $ 1 million.

Grahame urged anyone in the community who knew something to appear in the police.

“The reward remains the same,” she said. “In my opinion, there are still people in this community who can help. Please come.”

Crime Stopper 1800333000

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Georgina Mitchell is a court reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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