Far Right Eyes Historic Victory in Italian Vote

Italians voted on Sunday on whether to introduce the country’s first far-right-led government since World War II, bringing euroskeptic populists to the heart of Europe.

The Italian Brotherhood Party, led by former Mussolini supporter Giorgia Meloni, is leading the polls and is set to take office in a coalition between the far-right alliance and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia political party.

Turnout was around 19% by 1000 GMT, with large queues forming outside polling stations in line with the last election in 2018, according to the Home Office.

“I can’t wait to return tomorrow as part of the government of this extraordinary country,” he added.

Many voters are expected to pick Meloni, “a novelty, the only leader the Italians haven’t tried yet,” Teneo consultancy Volfango Piccoli told AFP.

If she wins, Meloni will face challenges ranging from rampant inflation to an energy crisis as the conflict-related winter in Ukraine approaches.

– “Limited room for maneuver” –

The Italian brothers, who have roots in the post-fascist movement founded by supporters of dictator Benito Mussolini, won just 4% of the vote in 2018.

However, she argues that her country must stand up for its national interests, and supports Hungary in its fight against the rule of law with Brussels.

But political sociologist Marc Lazar told AFP: “Italy cannot afford to be deprived of these sums.”

Despite her euroskepticism, Meloni strongly supports EU sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, but her allies are another matter.

– “Awakened Ideology” –

She vowed to stop the tens of thousands of migrants arriving on Italy’s shores each year, joining Salvini, who is now on trial for obstructing a charity rescue ship when she was interior minister in 2019. is.

She also argues that her government poses grave risks to hard-won rights such as abortion and ignores global warming, even though Italy is at the forefront of the climate emergency.

The final poll, two weeks before Election Day, suggested that one in four voters backed Meloni.

Support for the populist Five Star Movement seems to be growing, especially in the poorer South.


Far Right Eyes Historic Victory in Italian Vote

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