Flemington: Michael Walker gives advice to Mark Zahra from his hospital bed

Jockey Michael Walker had recovered sufficiently from a bad fall to give simple riding instructions before Belanskova’s victory at Flemington.

Walker suffered a head injury in a fall and was taken to Alfred Hospital. at the Pakenham Jumpout on Tuesday.

Walker was placed in an induced coma as doctors assessed his condition, but Ryder, known as “The Cuz,” improved over the next few days.

Walker was spirited enough to tell Cranbourne trainer Cindy Alderson some advice for Belanskova’s stand-in jockey Mark Zahra.

“It was nice to actually hear his voice,” Alderson said of Walker’s early morning phone call.

“He actually called me and said, ‘Please check.

“He’s done a lot of work with this mare.

“He test-drove her, and it was a real shame he didn’t get to ride her.”

Zahra put in a great run to win the VRC Season Premier Sprint (1100m) at Veranskova.

Drawing Barrier 2 threatened to ruin Veranskova’s chances in the straight track sprint, but Zahra negotiated a course that put the filly in perfect position on the outside section of the 300m track.

Veranskova did the rest and took soft wins over Sixbysixtythree ($7.50) and Screwed Down ($11).

“Shout out to Kaz,” Zahra said.

“I was with him at the track on Tuesday. It was pretty hard to see.

“I was happy to hear that he called Cindy this morning and said he would just win and not ‘F’ up.

“He’s back in top shape.”

Mott and Lyrical Rad On Song

Jockey Jamie Mott continued his impressive start to the season when he piloted Lyrical Lad to another success at Flemington.

Mott’s victory at Lyrical Lad was his sixth victory in the first week of the 2022/23 season and his fourth victory for a Philip Stokes-trained galloper at the Parade Lounge (1620 m).

Speculators lifted Lyrical Lad from $4.40 to $3.70 before the gelding scored a decisive win over Born A King ($11).

Lyrical Lad did well at Benchmark 84 level, but Mott said the gelding could do better in more difficult races.

“When he races like he does today, when he sings, he can definitely reach a 100 rating,” Mott said.

“He hasn’t made a mistake on his foot yet. You know? He could be better than that.”

“Hopefully he races next race where he gets my weight range.”

Another double for Williams

Craig Williams recorded his second straight win on Saturday after leading Hollifing to a second in a row.

Williams also took home an odds-on favorite at Berkeley Square early in the Flemington conference after riding a double at Valley last Saturday.

Williams made the most of the Mark and Levi Kavanagh-trained Holifying and narrowly won over the Maher- and Eustace-trained Thru Irish Eyes at the Rose Room (2530m).

Fear was defeated through the Irish Eyes when the pair met in Flemington on July 16 before repeating their effort on Saturday.

“It’s amazing the confidence it brings to horses and people, but my buddy really enjoyed Flemington during this part of the preparation,” said Williams.

first published as Flemington: Michael Walker gives advice to Mark Zahra from his hospital bed

Flemington: Michael Walker gives advice to Mark Zahra from his hospital bed

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